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Zhejiang Yuanci Chinese Massage Training School was established in 2006. The founder of the school is teacher Li Shusen, who has created "Yuanci Massage" on the base of Chinese massage and has clinical and teaching experience. The school was approved by the end of 2007 for blind massage training base, specialized in training middle and senior Chinese acupuncture and massage therapists.

School Strength

The school teaching advocates all kinds of natural therapies for patients with overall recuperation, local cure. Besides, it continuously brings in teaching of clinical experience of nine-year stores in ascension to realize the premise of overall quality patients with rapid recovery, and to enable the students really in a relatively short time to grasp the essence of Chinese green therapy.

Teaching Program

The school opens courses majored in junior, middle and senior acupuncture and massage therapists, Qigong and others. Learning contents include Chinese massage, foottherapy, acupuncture, Yuanci yoga, qigong massage, viscera recuperation, meridian scrapping health law and holographic can.

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