The Truth of Being a Massage Therapist

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Massage therapy jobs are the latest trend in the career stage because it has become a great high paying, flexibility and meaningful job. But these are only a part of this job. There is much more things to becoming a massage therapist than meets the eye.

  1. More and more massage therapists are begining their own business. In general, massage jobs can’t afford a good enough living condition with a big family and save for retirement. Jobs start at $15 an hour at most places. For many places you can’t work more than 25 hours a week because of your physical demands. When you don't have a client you also only get paid minimum wage.
  2. Massage school can only teach you how to do the right massage. It doesn't really teach you how to be successful in a massage business. You will need to learn how to expand your business in the massage market and how to raise your reputation, you will also need to find an office space or create a website for your business.
  3. In general, the average age of massage therapists is 45, it means that massage schools are toward teaching adults with more life experience. So it is important to know yourself more and be more aware of yourself in order to work with people more successfully.
  4. As a massage therapist, you will work with people who are in pain or are very hard to begin with; so relationship between the client and massage therapist has become an important part of the healing process. It requires an understanding of the psychology of relationships and a deeper understanding of why you like to help others. Most people help others to feel better about themselves and get some of their own personal needs. When you try to get your needs met through your client and work, it creates a conflict of interest. You should remember that Your main focus should always be your client not your own needs.
  5. You can become a successful massage therapist and even make much money a year when you are able to charge what you need to make and get the help you need in marketing and promoting your business. It is also a matter of uncovering your unconscious beliefs about yourself so that you can achieve the massage therapy career of your dreams.
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