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Suzhou is called he ‘Oriental Venice’, It has lately become an increasingly popular tourist place in China. it is really famous for its history and soothing natural splendor, as many people know that Suzhou also boasts of a high caliber silk and embroidery industry. The flow of tourists has substantially increased, thus encouraging a growth in the industries that cater to their needs. An example is the recent mushrooming of massage parlors. For anyone who are willing to do a Suzhou massage, Suzhou will offer a wide variety for your need, the following are some famous massage places in Suzhou, just for your reference.


Industrial Park工业园区

Dragonfly 悠庭保健会所

With multiple locations in Oslo, Dubai, Shanghai, Beijing and Suzhou, this contemporary urban retreat is an oasis of peace and tranquility. Services include a variety of massage style including oil, Chinese, Japanese and foot massage, facials, nails and gentle waxing. A major selling point is that every room here is so dark and quiet, you feel instantly relaxed upon arrival. It's a place for soft and gentle massage, if you prefer the deep and firm massage, check out locals' favorites.

Shou Jia Massage(Shihuifang)手佳盲人按摩(师惠坊店)

With locations in both downtown and the SIP, Shou Jia is one of locals' favorite spots for massage. The blind massage therapists here really know their stuff and have an amazing understanding of all the problem areas for office workers. They actually breaks down all the knots in your necks, shoulders and lower backs.The place is clean, but you shouldn’t expect anything fancy though. No oil message, it's striclty TCM-style, don't be surprised when you find a stranger getting a massage right next to you. One-hour full-body massage only costs 88RMB.

Daomadan Massage(Tianxiang)刀马旦沐足中心(天翔店)

A few steps away from Shoujia massage is another popular spot: Daomadan Massage. It's a little more expensive than Shoujia, a relaxing one-hour body massage costs RMB 98 with compimentary snack and tea. With reliable service, the place can get busy at weekends. Be sure to make a booking when you head over there.

Fushikang Massage(Lehuocheng)富士康足浴休闲会所(乐活城店)

With 14 years experience in Suzhou, this massage place offers a range of services including oil massage, Thai massage and foot massage. The best deal is their blissful two-hour set (RMB 220), which gets you an hour-long foot massage and an hour-long full body oil massage. The deco is nice and the staff is friendly. Try to search the spot on Dianping before you head over―you can sometimes find coupons worth up to 50 percent off.

Yang Spa at Kempinski Hotel漾SPA(凯宾斯基大酒店店)

Yang Spa is located in the ritzy Kempinski Hotel and overlooks Du Shu Lake in (SIP). Deserving of its location, Yang Spa provides 5-star treatment to its guests through a variety of spa packages. Located on the 1st floor (below the lobby level), Yang Spa is ornately decorated and features name-brand Pevonia products. The two full-time Balinese masseuses are probably Suzhou’s only professional Indonesian spa employees, and their trademark Balinese massage is as authentic as Yang Spa is austere. Of the 12 private rooms, four are couples rooms and two of those feature their own private saunas. A three-person room is complete with a sauna, steam room, shower, bath, and lounging area with a large television. If the top-notch facilities don’t entice you, the spa packages surely will. Everything from foot baths to facials to hours-long treatments are on the menu at Yang Spa.

Suzhou Bodi Health Club’s Spa 苏州宝迪健康会馆

Suzhou Bodi Health Club’s Spa is located just above their fitness gym on Xing Hai Street in the SIP. As one might guess, much of the focus of this spa is on personal health. According to Bodi’s General Manager, Ada Chen, the spa uses elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in its treatments. They divide treatment options into seasons: fall sees more emphasis on the lungs, while winter focuses on protecting the health of the kidneys. The treatments themselves include massages, baths, and facials, but there are also more targeted treatments such as weight loss and medicinal baths.

Bodi’s emphasis on using TCM practices in its treatments goes along well with the company’s fitness and yoga centers; guests get the sense that their experience at Bodi isn’t just about feeling better, it’s about getting better. The company plans to grow this emphasis on health as they expand to SND and Dushu Lake in the coming months. Treatments cost between 200 RMB for half-hour sessions to over 1000 RMB for more intensive ones. Bodi Spa’s card can be used interchangeably with the fitness level, and patrons get 10% extra credit when adding cash to their cards. Bodi also runs a great promotion for first-time customers – get 50% off any treatment on your first visit to the spa!

Wuzhong District吴中区

Yu Zhi Tang Blind Health Club Center御指堂盲人保健按摩中心

It is a professional blind massage health club. All massage therapists have 3 years of professional learning and practice experience. For their skilled and exquisite technique to serve for every VIP customer. It Mainly aimed at the cervical vertebra, lumbar, shoulder weeks, all kinds of sprain and so on which all have good effect on body. Every massage therapists will according to different body conditions, formulate a set of suitable solution for the VIP, Herbal foot bath is about 78rmb/ 70 minutes). Chinese massage is about 78rmb/60minutes.

Luqin Foot Massage陆琴脚艺

The environment of this massage shop is very nice, and service attitude is OK, the room space is mostly lager than any other massage shops in Wuzhong District, the environment is also clean and tidy in the double room, there is TV watching and the also provided free green tea and a plate of fruit for the clients. The doot massage is about 70rmb/90minutes which make people very comfortable.

Pingjiang District平江区

Qing Mu Foot Health Care (Guanqian Street)清沐沐足保健中心(观前街店)

Qing Mu Foot Health Care is a comprehensive leisure and entertainment center.It is a leisure center collecting relaxation,health care and business in integrative. It belongs to the professional of the foot massage health leisure center. The environment is very elegant and comfortable. The layout of the space is also reasonable. All the masseurs have professional advanced technology. Service here will make you happy.

Han Bin Foot SPA International Health Club汉傧足道SPA国际养生会所

It is located in the ganjiang road and covers an area of 2000 square meters. It has comfortable foot care room, massage room and elegant and beautiful SPA room. You can enjoy elegant and comfortable Thai Spa. The overall design idea is based on simplicity, leisure, comfortable and elegant. It makes every customer feel carefree atmosphere.

Canglang District沧浪区

Liangliang Foot Massage(Dong Da Jie)靓亮足道(东大街店)

It is located in Canglang district, the environment of this massage shop is nice, the massage skill is professional and the attitude is also very friendly, there is no additional consumption, overall feeling e price is cheap, the business is always busy, so sometimes you may need to wait for a moment. the average price is 80rmb.

Yang Zu Tang养足堂(新康花园店)

Its unique bath foot massage therapy and Thai massage health care technology are very popular among the vast number of consumers. The massage service include Foot massage, oil massage, full-body massage, hot back massage, Thai style massage. the average price is about 73rmb,

Jinchang District金阊区

Zu Yi Xuan足义轩

Zu Yi Xuan is a professional foot massage shop in Suzhou, it provide professional services which have been adhering to the "international brand", "professional services", "sustainable development" management policy, on the premise of "stable operation" career planning, to promote a healthy and happy life for the clients.

Yuanhe Spring Health Club元和春天养生会所

This massage shop is a little small, but the space is big inside, the massage girls are all very professional, the foot massage is about 68rmb, Each massage chair on the balcony is worth mentioning simulation roses which is very elegant, overall corridor is Thai style, the Hanzhen Service in this shop is very popular, there are two rooms for using, the price is not expensive, about 38rmb.

Gaoxin District高新区

Fushikang Massage(Jinhuayuan)富士康足浴休闲会所(锦华苑店)

there are 14 years experience in Suzhou, this massage place offers a range of services including oil massage, Thai massage and foot massage. The best deal is their blissful two-hour set (RMB 220), which gets you an hour-long foot massage and an hour-long full body oil massage. The deco is nice and the staff is friendly. Try to search the spot on Dianping before you head over―you can sometimes find coupons worth up to 50 percent off.

Zhoushi Health Care Massage周氏保健

If you choose Zhoushi, you chose health care service, this massage shop is located in high-tech zone Jinshan Road, it has founded for 15 years, is committed to provide customers with good environment, the exquisite technology and high quality service, this massage shop is very popular now, they can provide Foot bath/Chinese style massage which is about 88rmb, the classic foot bath is about 88rmb/70 minutes), Chinese medicine is about 88rmb/60.

Xiangcheng District相城区

Da Yu Er Foot Massage大玉儿足浴

Da Yu Er foot massage center can provide Thai massage, aromatherapy oil massage, Chinese care massage, Palace foot bath, it is one of the large-scale recreation center in Suzhou, adhering to the "all for the sake of your health" business purposes. The environment of this massage shop is very nice and the massage technician technique is professional, which make you feel relaxation.


Tianrun Leisure Foot Massage天润休闲足道会所

This massage shop is located in Taicang, the Business in this shop is better many other foot massage shop around there, but the charge is not low, the technology is really professional and good, if you get the card, you may have a discount, most customer is the government officer and businessmen , the massage technicians are all very beautiful and professional.

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