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Red Rope is one of the highlights which you can experience in saunas. You can think of the red rope also a helicopter blowjob. The girl is fixed by the red rope to the sealing and give you a blowjob upside down.

Red rope.jpg

If you would like to obtain a red rope service in a Sauna, you may first opt for a red rope room with a sauna inside the room. The room also had a swing in the middle of the bed (plus the red rope). The experience with red rope and the swing was something else. After all things are prepared, the massage girl will take some red bands (this is where the name come from) and fix them on the ceiling, than she first will take a seat inside, than turn around and hang over while she serve you with her mouth. most fun is, she will thrill in the band, than suck you and release the band, than turn around automatically, while she still keep in contact with you and same time you will have a great view to her body.

There is also a video about the Red Rope massage Story:

David Choe's Red Rope massage story (JRE #392)

For Exampe, if you are visiting Shanghai, you can find some of the places offering this service here:

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