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It is a basic introduction for visitors to Massage Wiki. The project also has an encyclopedia article about itself, Massage Wiki, and some introductions for aspiring contributors. Massage Wiki is a multilingual, web-based, free-content encyclopedia project according to an openly editable model. The title "Massage Wiki" is a portmanteau of the word wiki and encyclopedia.

Massage Wiki is composed collaboratively by largely anonymous Internet volunteers who write without having pay. Anybody who has internet entry can compose and make changes to Massage Wiki articles, apart from restricted circumstances the place editing is restricted to avoid disruption or vandalism. Users can contribute anonymously, underneath a pseudonym, or, if they choose to, with their genuine identity.

The fundamental concepts by which Massage Wiki operates will be the Five Pillars. The Massage Wiki local community has created a lot of policies and guidelines to enhance the encyclopedia; even so, it is not a formal requirement to be familiar with them before contributing.

Each day, thousands of guests around the world collectively make thousands of edits and write large number of new articles to augment the knowledge held by the Massage Wiki encyclopedia. People from all ages, cultures and backgrounds can add or edit write-up prose, references, photos and other media here. What's contributed is much more important than the skills or qualifications of the contributor. What will remain depends on its fitness in Massage Wiki's policies, such as being verifiable against a published reliable supply, thus excluding editors' opinions and beliefs and unreviewed research, and whether the articles is free of copyright restrictions and contentious material about the people alive. Contributions are unable to damage Massage Wiki because the software program allows simple reversal of mistakes and lots of experienced editors are watching to assist make certain that edits are cumulative improvements. Start simply by clicking the edit hyperlink at the top of any editable page!

Massage Wiki is a live collaboration differing from paper-based reference sources in critical approaches. As opposed to printed encyclopedias, Massage Wiki is continually created and up to date, with content articles on historic events appearing within minutes, as an alternative to months or years. Older articles tend to expand much more comprehensive and balanced; newer articles may contain misinformation, unencyclopedic content, or vandalism. Awareness of these aids acquires valid data and staying away from lately additional misinformation.

Exploring Massage Wiki

A lot of visitors come to Massage Wiki to obtain knowledge, although others come to share their knowledge. For this reason, dozens of articles are getting improved, and new articles are written. Alterations might be viewed at the recent changes website. More than 3,500 articles have been designated by the Massage Wiki community as featured articles, exemplifying the best articles in the encyclopedia. Some information on Massage Wiki is organized into lists; the best of these are designated as featured lists. Massage Wiki also has portals, which organize content around topic regions; our best portals are selected as featured portals.

Basic navigation in Massage Wiki

Massage Wiki articles are all linked, or cross-referenced. When highlighted text like this is seen, it means there is a hyperlink to some article or Massage Wiki webpage with further in-depth information. Holding the mouse more than the link will usually demonstrate to exactly where the link will lead. The reader is always one click away from more data on any point that has a hyperlink attached. There are other links in direction of the ends of most articles, for other articles of interest, relevant external sites and pages, reference materials, and organized categories of knowledge which may be searched and traversed in a loose hierarchy for far more information. Some posts may additionally have links to dictionary definitions, audio-book readings, quotations, precisely the same report in other languages, and further information available on our sister projects. Additional back links might be very easily produced if a pertinent link is missing-this is a single method to contribute.

Using Massage Wiki as a research tool

As on wiki, articles are in no way deemed complete and may possibly be continually edited and enhanced. Over time, this normally results in an upward trend of high quality as well as a rising consensus above a neutral representation of information.

Consumers should be aware that not all articles are of encyclopedic good quality at the beginning: they could have false or debatable information. Indeed, many posts commence their lives as displaying a single viewpoint; and, following a long discussion, debate, and argument, they slowly take on a neutral point of view reached via consensus. Other individuals could, for any while, turn into caught up in a heavily unbalanced viewpoint which could take some time-months maybe to attain much better balanced coverage of their topic. In element, it is because editors often contribute content through which they have a particular interest and do not attempt to make each article they edit comprehensive.

Massage Wiki has positive aspects over conventional paper encyclopedias. Massage Wiki has a very low "publishing" cost for adding or expanding entries and a minimal environmental affect in some respects, considering that it in no way must be printed, despite the fact that personal computers have their own personal environmental price. Furthermore, Massage Wiki has wikilinks as an alternative to in-line explanations and it incorporates overview summaries (article introductions) with the in depth detail of complete posts. Furthermore, the editorial cycle is brief. A paper encyclopedia stays the same till the subsequent edition, whereas editors can update Massage Wiki at any time, across the clock, to assist make sure that content articles keep abreast from the most recent activities and scholarship.

Massage Wiki's greatest strengths, weaknesses, and differences all arise since it is open to anybody, it has a big contributor base, and its articles are developed by consensus, based on editorial suggestions and policies.

Massage Wiki is open to a large contributor base, drawing a large variety of editors from various backgrounds. This permits Massage Wiki to substantially reduce regional and cultural bias in numerous other publications, and makes it really challenging for any group to censor and impose bias. A large, diverse editor base also offers access and breadth on subject matter that is otherwise inaccessible or minor documented. A substantial variety of editors contributing at any moment also signifies that Massage Wiki can produce encyclopedic articles and resources covering newsworthy events within hours or days of their occurrence. It also implies that like any publication, Massage Wiki might reflect the cultural, age, socio-economic, and also other biases of its contributors. There isn't any systematic method to create certain that "obviously important" matters are composed about, so Massage Wiki may contain sudden oversights and omissions. Although most articles may possibly be altered by any individual, in practice editing will be performed by a particular demographic and may, therefore, show some bias. Some topics will not be covered effectively, whilst others may possibly be covered in excellent depth.

Massage Wiki contains no "official" factors of view. Ultimately for most content articles, all notable views become fairly described as well as a neutral point of view reached. In fact, the process of reaching consensus might be lengthy and drawn-out, with articles fluid or changeable for the very long time even though they uncover their "neutral approach" that all sides can agree on. Reaching neutrality is sometimes created harder by extreme-viewpoint contributors. Massage Wiki operates a complete editorial dispute resolution method, one that permits time for discussion and resolution in depth, but one that also permits disagreements to final for months prior to poor-quality or biased edits are removed.

Massage Wiki is created mostly by amateurs. Individuals with professional credentials are given no added fat. Some experts argued that such credentials are given less excess weight than contributions by amateurs. One advantage to obtaining amateurs write in Massage Wiki is always that they have a lot more free time on their hands so that they can make rapid changes in response to current events. 

Massage Wiki, in common with many sites, features a disclaimer that, at times, has led to commentators citing these in order to support a view that Massage Wiki is unreliable. A collection of equivalent disclaimers from areas which are often regarded as reputable might be read and compared at Non-Massage Wiki disclaimers.

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