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What could be nicer than relaxing in a spa in the bustling city? Featuring comfortable and healthy ambiance, the spa offers a variety of relaxation treatments. It can ease the tension of muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, joints, connective tissues and lymphatic vessels. Knowing what kind of services the venue offers is very important when looking for a good massage place. An unsatisfied massage therapy may sometimes make you frustrated rather than relaxed. If you want to make your visit memorable, here are some massage places in each district of Hong Kong where you definitely should go.


The New Territories 新界

Islands 离岛区

Islands District covers an area of the most widely among the 18 districts in Hong Kong. However, Islands District possesses the smallest population among them. Despite of having few citizens, there are still many great massage places in Islands District.

Spa by MTM


When entering into SPA by MTM, a space of maiden purity, you will be astounded by both the subtlety and marvel trickling before your eyes. No matter for stress relief, revitalization, or simply an indulgence in the upmost physical and spiritual refinement, we are honoured to serve you with our unequaled enlightenment. It has equipped with "Aesthetic Spa", "Pure Hydrotherapy"” Zone and "Holistic Wellness" Zone. It provides a full array of body, facial and hydrotherapy treatments to rejuvenate, retreat and relax.

Siam Spa at Silvermine Bay 銀礦灣水療美容


Siam Spa at Silvermine Bay is situated in the Silvermine Beach Resort. It provides a wide range of services which consist of Signature Escapes, Escapes, Signature Massages, Scrubs, Signature Wraps, Baths, Pervonia Facials and Recommended Add-ons. At the newly opened Siam Spa, you will enjoy excellent massage and spa services, and rejuvenate and refresh your body.

Wellness Spa and Salon


Wellness Spa and Salon is located in Hong Kong International Airport with full kinds of spa equipments. The interior environment is clean and comfortable. All the technicians there are skillful and experienced. They will provide you tailored treatments in accordance with your needs. When you are waiting in the Hong Kong International Airport and not in a hurry, Wellness Spa and Salon is a wonderful place to relax yourselves.

Kwai Tsing 葵青区

Kwai Tsing District is located in the southwest of the new territories. Though it is one of the most busy container terminals in the world, Kwai Tsing District possesses few massage parlors.

North 北区

Just as its name implies, North District is the north area of Hong Kong and the only land connection to Shenzhen among the 18 districts. In North District, you can find a lot of nice massage places.

Mui Gwai Yuen Facial & Health.jpg

Mui Gwai Yuen Facial & Health 玫瑰園美容保健

Professional massagists with genuine massage skills is benefit to the person who are often on business, exercised, and works overtime. Mui Gwai Yuen Facial & Health is a great place for them. They can enjoy a relaxed and comfortable time in a soft environment. You have many choices here, such as Aromatherapy oil massage, Lymphatic drainage rubbing, Muscles scratching, Cupping, Full Body Massage, etc.


Chaps Gay Sauna Chaps同志桑拿

Chaps is a surprisingly spacious gay sauna (compared with some others in Hong Kong) which is close to North Point MTR (Exit B1). CHAPS has all the usual facilities including a dry sauna, steam room, dark room, private relaxation rooms and a rather nice outside courtyard with a jacuzzi. Regular theme nights including towel free on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights. Attracts a younger Asian crowd, although the relaxed atmosphere is generally welcoming to all.

1374736485966 副本.jpg

Muk Chun Fung 沐春風美容

Muk Chun Fung is located in the San Kung Street. The environment is clean and comfortable. The decor expresses the feeling being tranquil and makes you feel at home. All the massagists here are professional and qualified. They will provide you wonderful massage services which help you release the stress and fatigue. With convenient traffic nearby and reasonable prices, Muk Chun Fung is a good choice to relax your body.

Sai Kung 西贡区

Sai kung District is located in Hong Kong on the east coast. It is the fifth largest area in Hong Kong among the 18 districts. Due to the fact that most area of this district has not been developed, Sai kung District has become a nice place for citizens to have an excursion.

Sabai Day Spa (Sai Kung Branch)


Opened for many years in Sai Kung, Sabai Day Spa is committed to creat a comfortable and recreational environment for customers, and make every guest relieve their daily fatigue. All the massagea are provided by authentic Thai technicians. They will relieve your tiredness with their professional skills. Sabai Day Spa offers an extensive range of treatments by skilled therapists. All of our facial treatments include a face, head, neck and hand massage to improve circulation and enhance relaxation. Body treatments include Traditional Thai Massage, Sport Massage, Luxury Aromotherapy Massage, Back Massage, Neck and Shoulder Massage and Body Scrub. Also you can enjoy nail care, foot care, waxing and other special treatments.

Zu San Li (Sai Kung Shop) 足三里 (西貢分店)


People need to withstand the pressure from all sides - including work, life, people get along in today's city life. Zu San Li is a great place to provide a comfortable environment and relaxed massage service. The little shop, full of traditional Chinese design gives a comfortable, simple and serene feeling. You can reach a state of completely relaxation both in body and mind.

Pure Massage for Foot and Body (East Point City Shop) 足君好 (東港城店)


Founded in 2000, Pure Massage for Foot and Body is the first foot massage leisure center moving into Whampoa Garden shops. Since opening, it provides healthy recreational health care services for over 300,000 customers. Combining with Chinese traditional massage techniques and sports physiology, they use the most accurate acupoint massage techniques to make you reach a state of activating veins, refreshed and relaxed. Your demand is our purpose to accomplish. Enjoyment is your right, service is our obligation.

Sha Tin 沙田区

Sha Tin District is a small town which belongs to Hong Kong. Most area of the district is the residence land. Near 65 percent of Sha Tin resident live in the public building and the resting people live in about 48 villages. In addition, there are four light industrial areas, including Tai Wai, Fo Tan and Shek Mun etc.

1377052715225 副本.jpg

Zhi Zu Kang (Tai Wai Shop) 知足康 (大圍店)

Zhi Zu Kang (Tai Wai Shop) was opened in the beginning of 2012 in Tai Wai. It has been well-received since it was on business. On the first floor, it's the foot massage hall where looks like a hotel hall when you stepping into the gate. With cheap prices, friendly service attitudes, gorgeous and elegant decoration, it attracts a group of consumers every day. Walking upstaires, you will come to the full body massage rooms where contains many single and double massage rooms. Zhi Zu Kang (Tai Wai Shop) will provide you tailored treatments according to your needs.

1373887466953 副本.jpg

Melo Spa(Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Sha Tin) 梅洛水疗(香港沙田凯悦酒店)

Aims to offer a unique luxury spa experience, Melo Spa has created a balance between traditional practices of China and the latest international spa techniques. Our hotel spa features nine individual all-inclusive day spa suites ensuring privacy and tranquility. Facial massage and body treatments in Melo spa are specially designed to fit the body and skin of urban people. You can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere at our resort spa. Also you can enjoy steam, sauna and whirlpool facilities at Fitness centre.


Spa ph+ (Sha Tin)

Spa ph+ is one of the best spa shop in HK. Backed by millistrong international limited, spa ph+ owns the best resources to provide you with the best treatment services. Evolved from the renowned “Philosophy treatment spa”, spa ph+ has integrated new elements. With the elegant environment, great skills and professional massagists, Spa ph+ is welcomed by a lot of peolpe. You may have a wonderful enjoyment here.

Tai Po 大埔区

Tai Po is the second major administrative area in Hong Kong. It covers an area of about 14800 hectares. It lies in the east of the New Territories and consists of Tai Po Kau, Tai Po, Dean Angle and Plover Cove etc. However, it is a pity that there exists few massage parlors like Kwai Tsing District.

Tsuen Wan 荃湾区

Tsuen Wan lies in the southern part of the New Territories and is about 5 kilometers away from Kowloon. It covers an area of about 6070 hectares and possesses the second satellite city in Hong Kong. With the development of Hong Kong, Tsuen wan District has become a potential district in Hong Kong now.

Pure Massage for Foot and Body (Tsuen Wan) 足君好 (荃新天地店)


Pure Massage for Foot and Body (Tsuen Wan) is located in Shop G02-06, G/F, Citywalk 2, 18 Yeung UK Road. With its convenient location, comfortable environment and reasonable price, it attracts a lot of customers to visit it. The original style, natural flavor are present in Pure Massage for Foot and Body. All the facilities are prepared for you. All the massagists have received professional training. You can enjoy a wonderful massage with their great skills.

Beauty Forever (Tsuen Wan Shop) 終生美麗美容纖體中心(荃灣分店)


Beauty Forever always focuses on providing perfect one-stop beauty service for customers, including Spa, Facial Treatment, Massage, Body care & Fitness, etc.It can make you stay away from annoying, get the completely relaxation of body and mind. The massagists have received professional training. The high quality beauty products have been imported from all over the world. Considering the skin type of customers, with innovative and efficient treatment combinations, we can help you to grow to be confident.

Spa ph+ (Tsuen Wan)


Spa ph+ (Tsuen Wan) is located in 21/ F, Tsuen Wan Town Square. And it is one of the best spa shop in HK. You can enjoy the best services in a comfortable environment. These professional beauticians can give you the unique treatment, such as deep cleansing mask, steam, eyebrow trim, moisturize. etc. Spa ph+ can offer the most premium services to all the beauty.

Tuen Mun 屯门区

Tuen Mun is one of the most residential areas in Hong Kong. It used to be named as Qingshan District and was changed into Tuen Mun in 1980. The scope of the Tuen Mun includes not only the Tuen Mun new town, but also Lam Tei, Tai Lam Chung, Siu Lam and So Kwun Wat etc.

1374473659817 副本.jpg

Sisten Beauty & Nail 妍麗坊

Located in Chi Lok Fa Yuen, Sisten Beauty & Nail is a great place to have a relaxing time. With the comfortable environment and best service, you will enjoy a wonderful moment here. All the beauticians are very professional and qualified. They are trained and have much experience of several years. All you need to do in the Sisten Beauty & Nail (Tuen Mun) is to lie down and begin to enjoy the tailored treatments.


Louisa Beauty Centre 路易莎美容護膚中心

Louisa Beauty Centre is located in Chi Lok Fa Yuen. With convenient location, comfortable environment, reasonable price and great services, it attracts many people to visit it. The massagists are very professional. They get many different professional certificates. You will have a relaxed and enjoyable experience with their great skills and friendly attitude.

Nt tm7 s1-260x205.jpg

The Rivulet 水雲澗

The Rivulet was founded in 2008 and the second social enterprise after Ren Ai Tang. It possesses tranquil and comfortable environment, convenient traffic and advanced and luxury facilities. The services it provides consist of foot massage, full body massage, Swedish massage and other massage services. With reasonable price and excellent services, The Rivulet is a nice place for you to hace relexation.

Yuen Long 元朗区

Yuen Long lies in the north-west of the New Territories, It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and faces the flat. Yuen long is a piece of plain, originally there were miles of farmland. In the mountainous Hong Kong, Yuen Long is the only piece of flat and broad plains.

Oasis Beauty(Yuen Long Shop) 水磨坊 (元朗店)


Oasis Beauty is committed to provide high quality beauty&slimming services and hopy to create beauty and slimming miracle for ladies. The brand concept of Oasis Beauty is professional, quality, and effective. It persists in the detailed analysis of the skin for every customer. The professional beauticians of Oasis Beauty will attentively select the most comprehensive and appropriate one-stop treat for customers.

Relax Kingdom 朗閑坊


Relax Kingdom is a new foot massage shop in Yuen Long. It is a relatively large massage center with an area of over thousand square feet. It has convenient location and comfortable environment, reasonable price. All the massagists in the shop are very professional. They have great massage skills. With excellent services and affordable prices, you will have a relaxing time here.

JF Beauty

1376618702912 副本.jpg

JF Beauty has opened for 15 years in Yuen Long with two layers in total. It covers an area of more than 2000 square feet, has 5 massage chairs and seven unique massage rooms which can accommodate more than 10 people at a time. With comfortable and tranquil environment, reasonable prices and qualified services, JF Beauty has been welcomed since it was on business. Staying in the JF Beauty, you can feel the perfect combination of nature style and breeze feature which will help you rest your mind and body, and get lost in the excellent services of JF Beauty.

Kowloon 九龙

Kowloon City 九龙城区

Kowloon City is a distinctive place in Hong Kong. It possesses the well-known Kowloon Walled City Park which contains many historical cultural relics. With constant development, Kowloon City District owns five-star hotels and private houses in succession.


Kang Spa 康水療

In the quiet and enjoyable zone, every professional therapists will take guests on exhilarating sensory journeys, through many forms of holistic healing and sense of well-being, delivering them with serene and reassuring professionalism. Guests will feel re-born from the Traditional Japanese Massage which increases blood-flow, rejuvenates nerves. Kang Spa can provide Shanghai services, such as Pedicure, Foot Reflexology Massage, and Rub Back; beauty services, such as Manicure, Facial, and Ear Clean.


Pudong Relax Spa 浦東水療桑拿

This sauna club is located in Xingyu building in Nathan Road, in this sauna club, you will be treated to the VIP customer in this sclub, the area of this sauna club is really very large, the environment of this sauna club is nice, clean and comfortable, there are more than 20 massag etechnician in this sauna clnter, The organic hand and foot spa can relieve the fatigue of traveling and help to bring back to the life. The service attitude of the waiter is very nice.


37 Dundas Street K Pressure 多丽来K压夜总会

This K pressure nightclub is located in No. 37 Dundas, it is at the second floor, You can also find there is another nightclub at the first floor called Jinbaocheng Nightclub. This K Pressure nightclub (37 Dundas ) is one of the most popular K pressure club in Mong Kok, the environment id very clean, warm ,and romantic, it is really the best place for men to enjoy themselves. There are more than 15 massage girls in this club, they can provide different kind of special service, in general, the total cost is about HK$410 + room $120, after you choose a massage girl, you will be taken to the third floor where you can enjoy the service.


Alexander 亚历山大

Alexander is a branch of ABC-gateway in Hong Kong. The company started its business in 1990s and are the first to operate gay saunas in Hong Kong. It strives to be innovative in all aspects.It is the oldest, yet the youngest and most modern operators, always heading the gay sauna business in Hong Kong. Alexander is a wonderful place where you can have hot action legally, safely, and comfortably. It welcomes friends from each corner of the world to experience the charm of Alexander.

1373973083352 副本.jpg

TST Sauna 尖沙咀桑拿

TST Sauna (next to Haiphong road, close to the exit of Isquare on Nathan road). This sauna center has a nice decoration, after decorating, it become more and morw gorgeous, comfortable, the massage rooms are all well-equipped, they can provide advanced massage service which can let your tired away, there are also dry and wet steam room, cable TV, and NOW broadband TV, press foot, knob service free of charge.

Kwun Tong 观塘区

Kwun Tong District used to be the strategic position of the economic and military. It is located in the east of the Kowloon Peninsula and has a population of 580000. Kwun Tong District is made up of Kwun Tong Town Centre, Ngau Tau Kok, Kowloon Bay, Sau Mau Ping and Yau Tong etc.

Kang Jian Tang 康健堂


Kang Jian Tang is the largest upstairs massage parlor in Kwun Tong which covers an area of five thousand square feet. Its traffic nearby is convenient as a result of being close to Ngau Tau Kok Railway Station. Besides, parking places are available and enough here. The parlor offers more than 20 kinds of services including foot massage, full body massage, traditional Chinese massage and beauty spa etc. With cheap prices, Kang Jian Tang will let you experience the first-class massage services.

Green House Beauty (Kwun Tong Shop)

1376966075587 副本.jpg

Green House Beauty covers an area of more than 6000 square meters and waits for providing you high-quality services to you each day. With friendly service attitudes, comfortable and tranquil environment, professional and advanced beauty spa skills, Green House Beauty is well-received all the time. In order to serve more consumers, Green House Beauty has opened many branches in the various area of Hong Kong. After 13 years' painstaking management, with “professional, dedicated and exclusive” service spirit, Green House Beauty will build outstanding and beautiful bodies for you.

Shui Wan Tin 水雲天

1377593164558 副本.jpg

Shui Wan Tin is a professional health care massage center which located in On Ning Bldg. The professional massagists can give you many services with their genuine massage skills, such as foot reflexology massage, acu-point massage, lymphatic massage, cupping, scraping and some other health treatments. With convenient traffic and excellent massage services, Shui Wan Tin is a good choice for you and your friends to relax your bodies.

Sham Shui Po 深水埗区

Sham shui Po is located in the northwest Kowloon Peninsula, covers an area of about 1047 hectares and population of about 353000, which is divided into 21 electoral districts. It is one of the most early developmental areas in Hong Kong, and also the transportation pivot Chou of industry and commerce.


Dynasty Sauna 皇朝芬蘭浴

Located in Wing Kee Commercial Building, Dynasty Sauna has completed the great reform. The new personnel, the new team, the new technicians will give you the best service. Recently we have recruited many new and young technicians. You will be surprised. Stepping into the lobby, staffs of each department will give you a warm greeting. You can get a comfortable and relaxed massage services.

1376897910134 副本.jpg

Yi Tian Foot Massage Health Center 頤天足療保健中心

This massage center has the Spacious, comfortable environment, there are more than 2000 feet space, it is one of the large foot bath in this district, there are a number of first-class massage technicians in this massage center who have much experience, the location is very convenient, adjacent to Hong Kong sham shui Po station, the outbound line for a few minutes to reach,it is the hot spot for the traveler to have a rest. This center carefully take care of different customer needs, in addition to the hall has a foot massage, provide single and double massage room, more suitable for relatives and friends, lovers or personal travel who enjoy the massage. The store is equipped with independent bathroom which is convenient for guests.


Amigo Spa & Beauty

Amigo pledges to deliver the most extreme popular Ganbanyoku to our customers. We re committed to provide a comfortable and tension-free great place for busy urbanites. Our professional team searches the world branded rejuvenating therapy products. According to one’s constitution, we ensure the provision of professional advices and revitalization facial treatments to our customers. Different spa and facial treatments can purify and nourish your mind, body and soul. We can provide Ancient Acupressure Massage, Curacen Essence Treatment, Ear Candle, Detoxifying, Hot Stone, Meridian Therapeutic Massage, etc.

Wong Tai Sin 黄大仙区

Wong Tai Sin is located in the northeast of the Kowloon Peninsula and named after the famous Wong Tai Sin Temple in the local area. Wong Tai Sin Temple is the most flourishing incense place in Hong Kong, and was founded in AD 1921. After decades of careful management, it has turned into a magnificent Chinese Taoist temple. However, the massage parlors here are measly.

Yau Tsim Mong 油尖旺区

Yau tsim mong district, including the Tsim Sha Tsui, Chung (now called Jordan), Yau Ma Tei, Mong Kok, Tai Kok Tsui, as well as part of the west Kowloon reclamation.

Spa ph+ (Tsim Sha Tsui)


Located in 13/F, Carnarvon Plaza, Spa ph+ is one of the best spa shop in HK. It focuses on providing perfect one-stop beauty service for customers, including deep cleansing mask, steam, eyebrow trim, moisturize, RF Lifting, essence serum massage, neck and shoulder massage, etc. With the elegant decor and quiet comfortable environment, Spa ph+ is a great place for relaxing yourself.

Ho Noi Massage 河內推拿

1376632574655 副本.jpg

You can enjoy the Traditional Chinese Medical Massage for your tired body in this massage shop after a hard day work.the special technique Rolling is the highest quality massage technique that no more masseur in other shops can do.The Chinese Acupressure in this massage shop can help you to relieve tension and tiredness of your body by thumb and palm pressure.The massage technicians in this shop can also provide the massage to relieve stress, muscle tension and sores in the upper and lower body.

Noble Sauna 贵族桑拿


Located in Tsim Sha East, Noble Sauna has a prime location which concentrates tourism, entertainment and hotels. Covers over 30,000 feet, it is equipped with serval huge Jacuzzis, Saunas and Steam. The European style decoration can make you feel exotic. There are free food and fruits supplied in the commodious lobby, and computer, Wifi service and 52-inch Plusma big TV. The fabulous interior designed Guest Lounge, independent private reat room and large massage rooms will especially creat a comfortable and relaxed environment for you. It will make you relieve fatigue physically and mentally, and enjoy the serene experience of soul.

Eden Spa 伊甸园


EDEN SPA, established in May 2010, is a man-to-man Massage and Spa House. We hire only professional masseurs specializing in oriental healing offering treatments such as Traditional Chinese Massage, Swedish Massage, Aroma Therapy Massage, Body Scrub, Body Spa and Facial Treatment, etc. There are massage room, couple room, spa room and relaxing Lounge. These locally qualified masseurs will satisfy all the essential needs for a rejuvenating gataway without leaving the city.

Hong Kong Island 香港岛

Central and Western 中西区

Central and Western is one of the 18 districts of Hong Kong, is the earliest developmental area in Hong Kong,also it is the place that most rich people living in Hong Kong. Central and Western has been the rich area in Hong Kong for four years in a row.


Shanghai Onsen 上海沐足

Shanghai Onsen is a popular massage spa which has moved to a new location in Sheung Wan. We have relocated our premises to 11/F Loon Kee Building, 267-275 Des Voeux Road Central on Oct 1, 2012. We can offer Shanghainese-style massage, sauna, back rub, manicure, pedicure and foot massage in a relaxed environment. The staff are very friendly, the location is clean. Steam room and sauna are sizable and well-maintained. It is really s great place to blow off your stress.


Ten Feet Tall

Located in the heart of hong kong's central district, with an area of 8000 square feet, Ten feet tall provides a convenient escape from your daily stresses. Ten feet tall is your sanctuary of serenity in the heart of hong kong's busy urban lifestyle. Our special pampering technique starts from the bottom of your feet until you reach the secret realm of supreme ecstasy. There are 43 seats for reflexology by our professionally trained reflexologists and an additional 7 rooms with 11 massage beds for Chinese traditional massage, such as chinese pressure point massage, aromatic oil body massage, lymphatic body massage etc.

1373868127682 副本.jpg

Sparadise 天堂水療

Located in G/F, 21 Mosque Street, Sparadise is a boutique spa that believes in quality products and service. We offer spa treatments which use healthy skincare products that are gentle to our skin, the biggest organ of our body. Sparadise has its own non-profit project "One Product, One Country, One Cause". We have designed a series of products inspired by the spa.


Opus Boutique Fish SPA 精品魚療

Have you tried the Fish Spa which is popular in southeast Asia? Conveniently located in the heart of Central, OPUS Boutique is currently the only fish spa in HK. The water used by every guest is seperated. Putting your feet in the water, a group of small fish will automatically swim round to clear the dead skin of the feet. Fish Spa can promote blood circulation of your body and make the skin tender and smooth back.

Eastern 东区

Eastern District is located in the northeast of Hong Kong island, with a total area of about 18.9 square kilometers. Also, Eastern District is the main human resources area in Hong Kong. It is possesses the second largest population in Hong Kong, second only to Sha Tin District.

Sands Spa 金莎水療


This a professional health care massage center which can provide lymphatic drainage and other treatments. These massagists are qualifieds and skillful. They can offer professional massages with their strong and powerful skills. With tender care services, Sands Spa can heal cervical vertebra and muscles strain of lumbar. You will feel exactly relaxed.

Chuk Kwan Lok Spa 足君樂水療

1376283396788 副本.jpg

Spa can increase the blood circulation. Soaking in warm water can make blood vessel expanded, heartbeat speed up, breathe accelerated, then accelerate the metabolism of human body, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. So you need to relax yourself in Chuk Kwan Lok Spa. This an excellent and professional massage place which is equipped with single bath rooms. All the skillful and experienced massagists can provide multiple services for you, such as body Spa, foot relexology, cupping, etc.

Windsor Sauna 薀莎桑拿

1375722595680 副本.jpg

Windsor Sauna(Windsor Spa) occupies more than 20000 sq. feet, located in the bustling heart of North Point, its very convenience location. When you enter Windsor Spa, you will find the difference with the ordinary sauna. Windsor Spa provides professional facial and spa service for male and female customers. Our Spa can also improve physical pressure, to enhance their potential to achieve physical, mental and spiritual efficacy.

Southern 南区

Southern District is the largest area among the four districts on the Hong Kong Island. It covers an area of 4000 hectares. According to the 2001 census figures, the population in Southern District reached 300000. In addition, some parts in Southern District are senior residential area of Hong Kong.


Sabai Day Spa(Stanley Branch)

Sabai Day Spa brings the service of a five star spa resort to the hearts of Sai Kung and our newly opened branch in Stanley. It is committed to creat a comfortable and recreational environment for customers. The newly renovated Sabai Day Spa offers an extensive range of treatments by skilled therapists, such asfacial, body treatments, nail care, foot care, waxing and other special treatments. They will relieve your tiredness with their professional skills.

Wan Chai 湾仔区

Located in the center of north shore of Hong Kong island, Wan Chai District is an unique community mixed with new and old areas, blending the old tradition and new development. Wan Chai District also is one of the oldest and richest cultural areas in Hong Kong.

1376976235967 副本.jpg

Sing Yuiet Wu 星悅湖

All people have pressure, all people need to work every day with many workloads, it is a choice to get relax in Sing Yuiet Wu to release your pressure. Locationed in Wan Chai Road, Sing Yuiet Wu is very convenient to the people who work in Wan Chai. It has many independent massage spa rooms with clean and comfortable environment. The massagists have rich experiences. Many technicians have different professional certification. So their massage technologies are guaranteed. Many services you can enjoy in Sing Yuiet Wu, such as Foot Reflexology Massage, Predicure care, Traditional Chinese Body Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, etc.

1376880851251 副本.jpg


Located in Hong Kong’s most affluent area: Lee Garden, in Causeway Bay, EviDenS comprises five treatment rooms and two V.I.P. suites, including one double-room. The spa is equipped with one of the latest spa technologies: Avec by Kos, which includes a Turkish bath, the Idrocolore system, and a central shower head and vertical hydro-massage jets, as well as a multi-functional shower box and a Jacuzzi. It is sure to be a "place of voyage," using one of the most effective and luxurious skin-care lines, EviDenS de Beauté.If you find yourself in Hong Kong, I am sure it will be worth a visit.

1376882597389 副本.jpg

Spa by Valmont

Situated on the 1-3 Hoi Ping Road, Spa by Valmont in Hong Kong combines luxury and cosmetic expertise against a background of cutting-edge technology. Covering two floors and more than 5,000 square feet (500 m²), the space features eight treatment cabins and offers a global approach to beauty, including body treatments. Devoted to provide the best services to clients, Valmont is writing the next chapter in SPA care in Hong Kong.

Finally, hoping you can enjoy the massage in Hong Kong!

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