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Massages by blind massage therapists in Shanghai are a popular trend. It is a very nice choice for the individuals who want to relieve pressure as well as physical and psychological stress. Massage is a term used to refer to the art of handling soft tissues of the body. It is believed that the term got its name from several different origins. There are some famous blind massage centers in Shanghai, if you are interested in, you can go and have a try.


Yilin Blind Massage艺林盲人按摩院

Yilin Blind Massage 副本.jpg

This blind-massage spot provides a fun, truly authentic Chinese massage experience. It also gets high ratings from discerning users of Dianping, one of China’s most popular listing sites. The smiling staff in cheerful red polo shirts are a mix of blind and partially sighted, and each one has a number; staff no. three, 15, 16, 27 and 35 come highly recommended and are happy to tackle your troublesome knots. A relaxing one-hour body massage will run you just RMB 62, but don't expect to doze off: the masseuses here are talkative, and the stroke technique used is deep and firm rather than soft and gentle.

Xiangxindian Blind Person Massage Parlor享鑫殿盲人按摩院


Xiangxindian Blind Person Massage Parlor is attached to Beijing Xiangxintang Blind Person Therapeutic Massage Parlor. It is a Chinese traditional massage and foot massage center which begin to take shape in Beijing. With the basis of faithful management and the core of professional skills, Xiangxindian strives to develop Chinese public health work. It has won customers’ trust by promoting professional management standard and health care technology level.Xiangxindian Blind Person Massage Parlor has a group of experienced blind massagists. They use the traditional manipulations like pushing, holding, pressing, rubbing, rolling, kneading, twisting, trembling and pulling to permeate human nerves and acupuncture points. The massage can help to promote blood circulation and metabolism, adjust endocrine and physiology. Therefore, the massage can treat you and strengthen your body.

Gifted Blindman Massage天才盲人按摩中心

Gifted Blindman Massage.jpg

Both the Pudong and Puxi spots under this brand are a little hard to find, but they’re both supremely popular among locals. As the name suggests, some of the masseurs here are blind, but even those that aren't are talented. Full-body massages clock in at just RMB78 an hour (RMB68 for a foot massage); the surroudings are spartan and service is mostly no-frills, but the massages are solid and the servers are warm and more welcoming than the surroundings would suggest. Book ahead or be prepared for a short wait if you're there specifically to get a massage from a blind masseur. Open until 2am.

Shanghai Zhihui Blind Person Massage Center智慧盲人按摩中心

智慧盲人按摩院 副本.jpg

This massage center specially employs experienced blind massagists all over China. They use the traditional manipulations like pushing, holding, pressing, rubbing, rolling, kneading, twisting, trembling and pulling to permeate human nerves and acupuncture points. The massage can help to promote blood circulation and metabolism, adjust endocrine and physiology. Therefore, the massage can treat you and strengthen your body. Scope of Business Zhihui Blind Person Massage Center can cure all kinds of arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis, stiff neck, acute and chronic soft tissue contusion, Lumbar intervertebral disc, headache, insomnia, neurasthenia, sciatica, gastrointestinal disorders and other diseases. Price: The whole body massages service’s price is 50 yuan per hour, Chinese medicine footbaths massage’s price is 65 yuan per hour and the home visit massage’s price is 75 yuan per hour.

Funing Blind Massage Centre富宁盲人按摩中心

富宁盲人按摩中心 副本.jpg

Massages by blind masseurs in China are a popular trend. These massages are said to be therapeutic for good health and extremely relaxing. This center is located in the historical old French Concession area so it is worth a walk. Kang Ning offers professional service at good standards and at a reasonable price. A massage will cost on average, CNY60, for one hour.

Jing Xuan Blind Man's Massage靖轩盲人按摩

靖轩盲人按摩 副本.jpg

One of the quintessential aspects of eastern life and culture is Chinese massage. In Shanghai, Jing Xuan is the place to experience this firsthand. At the massage center are blind masseurs who have been traditionally trained and who have done massage all of their lives. Able to stimulate circulation, and relax muscles and joints, the healing massage can help fend against a host of ailments such as sciatica and back problems.

Jingbin Blindman's Massage Parlour静滨按摩

静滨按摩 副本.jpg

This unassuming blind massage parlor hidden behind the Hilton Hotel offers foot and body massages and reflexology at affordable (but not local) rates, such as their standard one-hour foot or non-oil body massages at RMB78. Enjoy a weekly treat that doesn't break the bank and buy one of their pre-paid cards (RMB1160) to get 20 one-hour sessions.

Jing Ting Blind Health Massage敬亭盲人保健按摩

敬亭盲人保健按摩 副本.jpg

Shanghai JingTing blind massage parlor is composed of excellent blind massage therapists from all parts of the country, over the years, this massage parlors has created a fair price, clean environment, superb technology to serve for the customers. The professional technology, comfortable environment has attracted a lot of people to come to enjoy.

Datang Blind Massage Center大唐盲人按摩中心

大唐盲人按摩中心 副本.jpg

Datang Blind Massage Center is very professional blind massage center, the area is really very large, there are many type of massage service such as the foot massage, Tuina, Khan steam, if you do the full massage process, you will feel very relaxed, this massage center is very suitable for officer who always sit or stand, this is also a regular blind massage center, there are not any other special service.

Double Rainbow Massage House双彩虹保健按摩厅

双彩虹保健按摩厅 副本.jpg

Double rainbow Massage House is a professional health care g blind massage center. It is very famous massage place in Shanghai, the environment of this massage house is quiet and tasteful, all massage therapists pass the professional massage training and learning, they all have intermediate technical grade certificate, the hospital clinical massage experience, technical specifications and skilled hospitality. Full body massage technique routines is concentrate north and south massage characteristics.

Zheng Yuan Blind Massage正源盲人按摩


Zheng Yuan Blind massage is an old massage shop in Yushan Road, the environment of this massage shop is really nice and clean, the techniques of the blind massage therapists are very professiomal, and the service attitude is also very nice, it is a very valuable blind massage shop in Shanghai. The massage rooms are clean and big, there are different kind of room for meet the differet need from the customers.

Xiangkang Blind Health Massage祥康盲人专业保健按摩


Xiangkang health care massage is a professional massage shop which is engaged in massage, essential oil massage. Massage therapists are trained in professional massage school, they are all qualified, reliable, experienced, to provide you with combination of Chinese and western culture quality massage service. Chinese massage is a special item in this massage shop.

Xinhui Blind Massage欣慧盲人按摩


Xinhui Blind Massage is located in the third floor of a building. However, the massage rooms are give people the clean and comfortable feeling. The massage therapists are all very professional. After they finish the massage service, you will feel much more relaxed. In this shop, most massage therapist are from Shanghai, they are more professional than a beautiful massage girl in a salon.

Yuan Sheng Blind Massage源生盲人推拿


Yuan Sheng Blind Massage is located in Zhangyang Road, the environment of the massage shop is not very bad, it is clean and comfortable, this massage place is easy to find, The massage technicians in this shop are all male therapists, the skills are very professional, the massage room is very big, the service attitude is also very has also a reasonable price.

Kangmei Blind Health Massage Club康美盲人保健按摩院


Kangmei Blind Health Massage Club is located in Hongkou district, there is a very convenient parking place around there, the environment inside is very clean and quiet, and the service attitude of massage techinicians is very nice, it is a very valuable blind massage shop in Shanghai. The massage rooms are spacious and clean, there are many healthy massage rooms in this club, the massage chair is really very comfortable. The technicians have many professional technologies, the time can also be controled pretty good.

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