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What is Called Yoni Massage?


Yoni massage is a full body massage undertaken with fragrant oils, it is basically the massage of the genital area. A full body massage is also a part of the process, but the sensational massage will usually culminate in massage of the yoni. The genitals were traditionally worshipped as a part of everyday life in Hindu traditions and were revered and respected. The Yoni Massage can also be used as a form of "safe sex" and is an excellent activity to build trust and intimacy. Some massage and sex therapists use it to assist women to break through sexual blocks or trauma. The main focus of yoni massage is to treat the body to a spiritual experience of union after releasing negativity and blockages. Women are a little more self conscious about their bodies compared to men, so it may take a little longer to completely relax from them.

How to Perform the Yoni Massage?

  • Before beginning the Yoni Massage it is important to create a space for the woman (the receiver) in which to relax, from which she can more easily enter a state of high arousal and experience great pleasure from her Yoni.
  • Have the receiver lie on her back with pillows under her head so she can look down at her genitals and up at her partner (giver). Place a pillow, covered with a towel, under her hips. Her legs are to be spread apart with the knees slightly bent (pillows or cushions under the knees will also help) and her genitals clearly exposed for the massage. This position allows full access to the Yoni and other parts of the body.
  • Before contacting the body, begin with deep, relaxed breathing. Both giver and receiver should remember to breathe deeply, slowly and with relaxation during the entire process. The giver will gently remind the receiver to start breathing again if the receiver stops or begins to take shallower breaths. Deep breathing, not hyperventilating, is most important.
  • Gently massage the legs, abdomen, thighs, breasts, etc., to encourage the receiver to relax and for the giver to prepare for touching her Yoni. Pour a small quantity of a high-quality oil or lubricant on the mound of the Yoni. Pour just enough so that it drips down the outer lips and covers the outside of the Yoni. Begin gently massaging the mound and outer lips of the Yoni. Spend time here and do not rush. Relax and enjoy giving the massage.
  • Gently squeeze the outer lip between the thumb and index finger, and slide up and down the entire length of each lip. Do the same to the inner lips of the Yoni/vagina. Take your time. It is helpful for giver and receiver to look into each other's eyes as much as possible. The receiver should tell the giver if the pressure, speed, depth, etc. need to be increased or decreased. Limit your conversation and focus on the pleasurable sensation, too much talking will diminish the effect.

The 3 Main Aspect of Yoni Massage As Following

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Opening up the whole body to sensation, pleasure and orgasm; Experiencing new and different kinds of orgasms and orgasmic states; Recognizing, deepening and expanding orgasms.


Witnessing, accepting and releasing past pain and trauma on the physical, sexual, energetic, emotional and mental levels; Nearly every woman has some issues to resolve.


Yoni massage and tantric love-making can and should be a spiritual practice; An orgasm is a spiritual experience which involves openness, trust, surrender, dissolution and a feeling of oneness, unity and stillness. The experience of yoni massage allows the woman to fully manifest the feminine, Shakti, the Goddess.

Study Some Positions for Yoni Massage

  • The man kneels between the woman’s legs.
  • The man kneels between the woman’s legs and pulls her buttocks up onto his knees or thighs, or onto a cushion between his knees.
  • The man sits cross-legged or with legs outstretched; the woman’s butt rests between his thighs (optionally on a cushion) with her knees apart and her feet behind him.
  • The man sits on a chair with his knees touching the side of the bed; the woman sits on his lap straddling him and then lies back so that her head and upper body are resting on the bed.
  • The woman lies on the table with her butt near one end and her knees pulled up to her chest; the man sits or stands at the end of the table.
  • Same as above, but the woman rests her ankles or calves on the man’s shoulders.
  • The man sits straddling the table; the woman lies in front of him with her thighs over his thighs and her feet behind him.
  • The woman lies on the table with her knees raised and her feet flat on the table; the man stands to one side.
  • Same as above, but with the woman’s legs and feet spread and extended normally.

What are the Benefits of Yoni Massage?

For the Recipient

  • The whole body will become more erogenous, sensitive, pleasurable, orgasmic.
  • Experiencing different and new kinds of orgasms and orgasmic states
  • Healing and releasing past pain and trauma
  • Bringing health to the yoni, breasts, the whole body and the mind – an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away
  • Naturally and effortlessly magnifying the aspects of personal love, universal unconditional love, trust, surrender, femininity
  • A sexually open and orgasmic woman will feel strong and empowered
  • The open state of mind and the sexual energy can be used to connect with positive affirmations and intentions.
  • Better connection with yourself, with your partner, with men, and with your fellow sisters
  • Experience receiving without needing to reciprocate
  • Opening energy channels throughout the body and waking up Kundalini Shakti.
  • Higher states of consciousness, stillness, transcendence, dissolution, oneness
  • A yoni massage session can be a meditation by itself, or can serve as a preparation for a meditation session.

For the Giver

  • Men who have conditions like STD/STI (Sexually transmitted Infections), temporary or chronic premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, men who already ejaculated, men who are fatigued or elderly, or men who have a small Lingam (The sanskrit word for penis), can still pleasure a woman with their fingers
  • Men who are starting in sexual tantra and practicing ejaculation control often have to pause moving for a while during penetration or to pull out so they don’t ejaculate. During these pauses, one can give yoni stimulation/massage to the woman
  • It is very humbling, inspiring and rewarding to be allowed to facilitate pleasure, therapy and elevated states of consciousness, to facilitate and witness the manifestation of the divine feminine
  • Better understanding of your woman’s specific preferences, rhythms, and challenges (which aspects or areas you need to help her open into)
  • Better connection with your woman
  • Learn how to pleasure a woman in many different ways
  • Experience giving without needing to receive; Give for the sake of giving

For Couple

  • Deeper intimacy, connection, and love
  • Widening the range of shared sexual activity
  • Better communication and understanding
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