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Wooden foot rollers are based on the principles of reflexology. There are thousands of nerve endings on your feet, each of which is connected with another part of the body. For instance, the big toe is supposed to be associated with the head. Wooden foot rollers are designed to stimulate these nerve endings which are also known as pressure points. Stimulation of the pressure points will help relieve any pain and discomfort in the corresponding areas of the body, based on the ancient art of reflexology.

Wooden foot rollers are crafted from a simple design and are easily used. You can massage your feet and recharge your body while you watch television, read a book, or even while you’re at work. All you have to do is slip off your shoes and roll your feet across these invigorating wooden rollers.

The most basic of the wooden foot rollers is constructed out of one solid piece of wood. A ribbed design has been carved all along the roller, which has the purpose of stimulating the pressure points of the foot. The roller is a little bit longer than the width of your foot, which means that you have to massage one foot at a time. They function quite easily since all you have to do is vigorously rub the soles of your feet up and down the massager for amazing results.

The next step up is the deluxe wooden foot rollers. These massage rollers have a similar design to the basic rollers, except the ends of the rollers have rubber rings in order to provide a better grip to the floor. The massaging part of the foot roller is also ribbed like the basic design, except it has been shaped to better fit the contours of your feet. It is more rounded in the middle and tapers off towards the end, allowing for a deep foot massage. Some of these rollers are also large enough to massage both feet at the same time. The ends of the massager are smooth which could be used as handles which means that you could roll the foot massager over other parts of the body as well.


Finally we have the ultimate wooden foot rollers. These devices contain a whole bed of massaging wooden rollers. The massager consists of a steady wooden frame with rows of massaging rollers. Each roller is composed of individual wooden spheres that all move independently of one another. The ultimate foot massager easily targets all the pressure points of the feet for a deep, penetrating massage experience. The wooden beds can be placed under your desk at work to provide quick relief throughout the day.

Wooden foot rollers are great for improving circulation, relieving sore arches, reducing the pain of tired feet, and generally making the body feel good overall. Foot massages are a great way to add energy to the entire body.

Recharge, relax, and renew your feet with a wooden foot roller. Everyone loves a good old foot massage, and foot rollers certainly deliver on that. Wooden foot rollers are great for workers who have to stand on their feet all day, or for those athletic types that are always on the move.

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