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Wooden back massagers are quick and easy massage tools for relieving back pain – especially lower back pain. Most of the wooden back massagers are in the form of back rollers - either self-massage back rollers or devices that must be applied by a partner.

Self-massage back rollers are actually quite easy to use. Self back massagers are made out of a wooden frame with wooden bars between the frame that look like rungs on a ladder. On each of the wooden bars are rounded wooden rollers. The overall design of the device resembles something like an abacus.

To use the wood back massager, all you have to do is place the device flat on the ground, and lay down with your back against the massager. Then you gently push slide your body back and forth across the wooden rollers. The rounded wooden rollers are designed to stimulate the pressure points of the back which will relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation. The only difficulty you might encounter with these large back massagers is finding a place to store it. But since it is flat, it should slide easily under a bed for storage.


Other wood massage rollers require a friend to apply the massage for you. They are contoured rollers made from a solid piece of lightweight wood. The wooden roller is specially designed and contoured so that it provides a deep therapeutic massage along the spine. There is a space in the middle of the roller that is designed to fit right over the contour of your spine with the massage rollers placed on either side of the spine. This way, there is no damage or irritation caused to the back. The ends of the roller are smoothed for handle purposes, making it easy for anyone to use the device. You could also use the roller on other parts of the body in which you could massage yourself.

Other versions of these rollers are more in an arch shape. The wooden arch is used as a handle to control the wooden massage rollers that are at either end of the arched device. To operate you simply roll the device any which direction on the back for soothing relief.

Some forms of wooden back massagers consist of a rope design. The spherical, wooden massage rollers are all connected by a thick, braided rope. To use the massager, you wrap the flexible rope around your back and rub the rollers back and forth. Being on a rope, the massager roller adjusts to reach all the contours of your back.

Wooden back massagers are low technology devices with high results, which make them the favorites among many consumers. With no batteries or vibrating features, wooden back massagers provide hours of back pain relief.

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