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As we all know, foot massage is beneficial to our health. It accelerates our blood circulation, adjust our nervous system, improve our physiological status and regulate our meridians. Since there are a lot of acupuncture points on his feet, the foot massage can also be a part of daily health care. Proper foot care treatment can also ease some choric diseases.

With increasing pressure of our everyday life, our health conditions are facing lots of serious challenging. Luckily, there are places that provide excellent services in Beijing. Here are top-10 stores in the city.


1. Huaxia Liangzi(Sanyuanqiao)


The staffs will greet you warmly when you walk in the door. You will be impressed by the nice ambiance, spacious rooms and comfortable sofa. You can also watch TV while enjoying the treatments. Snacks and drinks are also provided during the session. The techniques of the therapists differ from one to another, but there is no one that is particularly bad. If you come here often, a VIP card will save you plenty of money. Per capital consumption is 136RMB.

2. Fuqiao Foot Massage(Asian Sports Village)


Known as the biggest foot massage chain in China, the Fuqiao Foot Massage provides professional services such as foot massage, massage, bathing, fitness and others. Therapists are kind and nice, and are of great techniques. Featuring bright light and magnificent decorations, the Fuqiao Foot Massage houses multi-size private rooms. Though it is a little bit expensive, it is a legit place. Per capital consumption is 114RMB.

3. Bodhi Therapeutic Retreat(Gong Ti North Road)


It is said that the owner of the place is a half-Thais. That’s the reason why this place is a Thai-style massage place. With elegant environment and dimming light, the place features a light aroma of incense when you walk in the door. After the free snacks and drinks, the Thai therapists will bring you the best services with great techniques and proper strength. It is a great place to relax your body and soul, though the price is more expensive than other places. Per capital consumption is 185RMB.

Liangzi Massage(Zhichunli Branch)


As a nationwide foot massage chain store, the Liangzi Massage features luxurious and tasteful decorations. Staffs are very polite, they will bow to every customer. Every therapist has taken the unified training before they start their job. Their excellent services and proper strength will make you very comfortable. Your health condition will also be elaborated by the therapist during the session. All teas are for free, though the sales staff is a little bit disturbing. Per capital consumption is 145RMB.

5. Regency Taipan Massage & Spa


Located in the Oak Mansion, the Regency Taipan Massage & Spa is a comfortable and nest place. The luxurious parlor receives foreign guests from time to time, offering services such as Stone needle therapy, Full body massage with lavender oil, Oil massage, Lymphatic massage, Foot massage, Facial treatment and others. Free fresh juice, Pu'er tea and other snacks are available. Reservation is required. Per capital consumption is 112RMB.

6. Sawaha


The Sawaha is a Thai-style massage place with nice ambiance. The 3-story penthouse venue features elegant reception and homey environment. Professional therapists provide services such as full body massage, foot massage and others. Delicious snow fungus soup is provided after the treatments. Per capital consumption is 170RMB.

7. Run Zu Quan


The Run Zu Quan is a legit massage place where there are many foreign customers. The facial treatment makes your skin smoother. With years of experience, the therapists here are very professional. Services provided here include foot massage, hot stone massage, meridian massage, tuina massage, oil massage, skin scrub and others. Per capital consumption is 67RMB.

8. Bei Pai Pedicure


Bei Pai Pedicure is a chain store in Beijing. The branch store in Jin Qiao Shi Dai provides excellent services. The therapists not only provides skillful techniques, but also offer professional knowledge on how to take care your foot. Per capital consumption is about 37RMB

9. Big Feet Ancestor(Sanlitun)


The Big Feet Ancestor Sanlitun Branch is a leisure place. With years of experience, the therapists here are very polite and very skillful. Services here include foot massage, full body massage, foot cupping, head and facial massage, arm massage and back massage. Per capital consumption is about 118RMB.

10. Congen Massage Healthcare Club(Swiss Apartment)


Located in the Gongti North Road, the Congen Massage Healthcare Club enjoys convenient transportation. Though the rooms are small, the ambiance is classic and calm. With years of experience, the therapists here are of great techniques. They also give you tips of daily care. Most recommended therapy will be full body oil massage. Fruits and drinks are provided before the treatments. Per capital consumption is about 128RMB.

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