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In case that it is your first time to come to Shanghai and you really want to relax yourself after the whole day’s stroll, many people will suggest that you can get a traditional Chinese massage in a SPA or massage center in Shanghai. There’s no denying that massage is a great way of relaxing, it can throw off the fatigue and tensions of daily life in this city. Then where can you go to get a decent, professional massage and spa treatment in Shanghai? The good news is that there are really plenty of places for your reference for all budgets.

It’s no surprise that Shanghai does a good line in top-of-the-range massage and treatment parlors because the Spas and massage in Shanghai have long been the important part of the social activity for the visitors, business travelers. Here are some good places for your reference where you can get a nice massage service.


Some famous Spas in Shanghai

The Yuan Spa 源会所

The Yuan Spa in the lower lobby of the Hyatt on the Bund (199 Huangpu Lu) is a giant of a place, spread over 3,000 square metres. It has 12 treatment rooms, a gym that is open 27/4, a pool and sauna, beauty salon and juice bar. It’s Yuan by name and yuan by nature, as the treatments here don’t come cheap. Bank on spending a good few hundred, even for the most basic of treatments.

Water's Edge Spa 水岸会所

Water's Edge at the Park Hyatt (85/F, Shanghai International Finance Center, 100 Century Avenue). It holds the accolade of highest spa in the world, and its infinity pool looks out over the city. If you want some spirituality with your pampering session, Water’s Edge runs daily tai chi sessions every morning in a special courtyard. Another Pudong luxury favorite is the CHI Spa at the Shangri-La hotel (Tower 2, Floor 6, 33 Fucheng Lu, near Lujiazui Ring Road). Moving away from the river and further downtown, the hotel spas worth visiting are The Spa at the Hilton (4/F, 250 Huashan Lu) and Le Spa at Le Royal Meridien (789 Nanjing Road East, near Peoples' Square).

Everlasting Spa 艾维庭

Everlasting. This is one you can go to with your beloved, as it offers his and hers treatments. It’s renowned for aromatherapy, reflexology and hot stone therapy, as well as massage, mani/pedi and weight-loss advice. Branches: House 218, 555 Nanjing Xi Lu/ 175 Xiangyang Nan Lu, near Fuxing Lu/ 55 Xiangyang Bei Lu, near Changle Lu.

Apsara Spa馨园水疗

Apsara is a massage center (457 Shanxi Bei Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu) Where the massage traditions of Phnom Penh are brought to life for Shanghai-ites to enjoy. Then there’s Yu Massage (370 Wuyuan Lu, near Wukang Lu) in the hidden depths of the French Concession. Behind its easy-to-miss wooden door set into an old stone wall, a whole host of traditional Chinese massage treatments await.

Bund Five Spa Oasis外滩5号绿韵SPA

At Bund 5 Spa on the historic Bund, Shanghai’s most famous sightseeing spot,you can choose from an array of massage,body and beauty treatments with vast options of rejuvenating yourself inside and out,from the refreshing effects of aromatherapy to heavenly massages amidst sweet floral scents.

Some Famous Massage Parlors in Shanghai

Congen [Kangjun] Massage康俊推拿足道

Like a cheap motel without the kitsch, Kangjun Club has broom-closet rooms, a brown-on-brown color scheme and a 45-minute hour. That said, staff are organized, friendly and sensitive -- practitioners (who comes in two skill levels, three and five stars) dwell on the tight spots and respond well to your incomprehensible grunting. the Pudong Branch is located in No. 92-93, lane 99, in Lvcheng jinghe Road in Pudong new area.

Ganzhi Massage Club感智盲人保健会所

Environment of this club is primitive simplicity and elegant," service " is very careful and perfect. There are neck massage, body massage, essential oils open back, foot bath massage and so on, these are all very popular, massage therapists’ attitude is very good, the massage therapist is professional, they can hold the massage very well, they can make the person refreshed and comfortable, it is really a relaxing place.

Pufang Health Massage朴芳盲人保健按摩

The door of the massage club may be a little small, but the environment of the shop is really very good, most of the massage therapists in this shop are blind, but they all have the professional massage skills, especially the female massage therapists. The massage therapists are all talkative, but the service is very perfect.

Yuque Massage御雀馆

The Environment of this massage club is the best around, the environment of chess &cards room is also very good, clean, there is independent toilet in this massage club, wash feet are arranged in a row, so the clients can drink tea and have a chat, you will feel the life is very comfortable and interesting, two floor is a foot bath, on the third floor is the parlor. Foot bath pavilion is also new decorated, there are automatic seat and digital TV and provided free tea and fruit.

He Zhong Tang Foot Massage和中堂足部按摩

Massage Club (He Zhong Tang Foot Massage) is a professional foot massage center receiving traditional health care and therapeutic method through foot echo. It using the herbal medicine to wash foot, witch has medical function. Massage Club has gained good reputation among citizens and is now developed into an authentic health care brand.

Some Famous Sauna Clubs in Shanghai

Shuyiquan Sauna舒怡泉

This is a very good bath center in Shanghai. It has the perfect facilities and thoughtful service, it absolutely let you satisfied. In this sauna, it also offer a foot massage, the massage therapists are very professional, the technology is mature, but there are too many people to take a bath, so it is a little crowded, and it also shows that there is a lot of customers, and the quality is really very nice. The environment is also good, clean and healthy, so it is really a good place to choose, life is to learn to enjoy.

Xiaonanguo Tangheyuan Bathing Center小南国汤河源浴场

Xiaonanguo is a very big, very handsome, very famous restaurants in Shanghai, it also has their own bathing center, the total square is tens thousands square meters. The biggest character of this place is that you can both enjoy the delicious food and comfortable bathing. As for Japanese hot springs, whether it is authentic or not, don't too truer. In addition that it is also one of the most reputable bathing centers in Shanghai.

Yundu Hot Spring Baths云都温泉浴场

The price of this sauna club is relatively cheap, the place is big, you can play, eat, and rest at here, you will find it has numerous branch stores in Shanghai, and it is really a comprehensive big baths in Shanghai. Yundu airport shop, caoyang shop, jiading shop has been evaluated as the most reputable baths in Shanghai. In addition that Yundu bath products is also very famous.

New Star Sauna Club(Jin Hui Nan Lu)纽斯桑拿会所(金汇南路店)

This sauna club is located in Minghang District in Shanghai, it is like other general large baths, the price is not expensive, the environment of this Spa club is very quiet and nice, in general, the shower facilities are very new, at a particular time, you can see the performance in this club. It is also a very real "Korean sauna” place, there are some evaporate room "like a ger", the temperature of every room is different; when you have a Khan steam, you can eat baked eggs, play cards, chat, it is really comfortable, and you can also watch TV in the lounge or sleep for a while, so this sauna club is really a great place for leisure.

Dalangtaosha Sauna大浪淘沙

The features of this sauna is that there is WenYu ground, when bare feet on the ground of the jade, you may feel warmer than tread on the carpet. Introduction: when you step into the baths, whether on the first floor bath area or on the third floor entertainment area, you will find many baths, ground and even room are made of jade. There are many bathing type you can choose in this sauna spa such as jade pool room, sun experience room, fire jade experience room, etc.

If you would like to know more massage places datails in Shanghai, you can search the Shanghai Happy Massage to find your nearest massage places in this city.

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