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Getting or giving a massage does not have to be exclusive to the spa massage table. You can add even more relaxation to your at-home bathing activities by using massage tools that are water-safe. Whether you prefer a shower or bath, there are a variety of tools designed to deliver a soothing water massage experience.

Knobs and Rollers

Acrylic, plastic and wooden knobs and rollers are popular water massage tools. These easy-to-use, handheld massaging tools are shaped to target key muscles and acupressure points. With these tools, available online, you can massage yourself or a partner and apply varying degrees of pressure to release tension. Be sure to clean and dry these massage tools in between uses, especially the wooden ones, as they can retain more water and bacteria.

Jets and Shower Heads

Another water massage option is to have tools installed directly into your tub or shower. With massage jets for your tub, or a massaging shower head, you can create a relaxing massage experience. Many of these jets and shower heads have various settings for the type and amount of massage pressure you desire. These tools can be purchased at your local hardware super store or online--you can even purchase a hydro massage bed for a "dry" water massage while you take a nap.

Loofahs and Oils

If you want to kill two birds with one stone, you can exfoliate and massage in the water with a loofah mitt or brush. You can use a loofah with soap and water, or add a scented oil; massage in a circular motion while you bathe or shower. Just be sure to wash out your loofah and dry it in between uses. Some can even be put in the washing machine.

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