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What is Under Water Massage?

The therapy of underwater massage involves lying in a large tub of water. Water is taken from the tub and an internal pump used to create a high pressure stream that passes through a hose. Water healing is one of the oldest, cheapest and safest methods for treating many common ailments. We know for personal experience that water is not just for cleansing, but also for making us feel better.

The Principle of Underwater Massage

This traditional full body treatment is delivered in a state-of-the-art underwater massage tub.The therapeutic effect of the underwater massage comes from the relaxing effect of warm water applied at variable force. A stream of water under pressure is applied by means of a hose with adjustable spray nozzle. The therapist adds the appropriate oils, salts or sea products to encourage muscle relaxation.

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For the underwater massage the bath is equipped with a powerful pump and pressure regulator, with a pressure gauge, which shows the pressure of the massage jet. The patient lies in the warm bath water, which in itself is sufficient to give a pleasant and relaxed feeling of well-being. The water jet penetrates deep into the soft tissue without causing any feeling of discomfort or pain, even at a medium pressure of 1,5 bar. The underwater massage has hydrostatic effects on the blood and lymphatic system and helps to mobilize metabolites and excess fluid and thus remove them. If necessary, the pressure of the water jet can be regulated so that the patient will not feel any discomfort or pain. This is important because the reaction to pain would cause the muscles to tense and reduce the penetrative effect of the massage.

The Benefit of Underwater Massage:

This therapy is very beneficial, and it can restore balance and harmony to your body. The warm water that is used in the therapy makes your body feel less tensed and stressed.

  • It has strong tonifying effect which makes it become an ideal treatment to fight against cellulite and firm the skin tissues. For century's people have healed themselves with natural powers of water, heat and massage.
  • The massage can enhance the health of your skin as well as the deeper layers of your muscles, joints, and internal organs. As such, it can increase muscle elasticity and joint mobility.
  • The therapeutic benefit of the underwater massage comes from the relaxing effect of warm water, applied at variable force on the muscles, particularly on deep-lying muscle layers, subcutaneous tissues, skin and the abdominal organs.
  • It is also effective in improving your blood and lymph circulation, making the tissues and organs in your body healthier. Additionally, underwater massage can be performed to treat minor aches, pains, and injuries.

The stimulating action of water and its absorption into the skin offers many benefits for: wellness, stress reduction, pampering. It's ideal for: muscular relaxation, circulation encouragement, reduction of the increased release of stress hormones, creating an element of psychological and physical comfort. Nowadays, there are many spas and massage centers that offer underwater massage, and you can just call one of these places to find out about their packages or services. It is important that you make sure that the spa you choose has a qualified underwater massage therapist. The effectiveness of the therapy is largely dependent on the skills and experience of the therapist. If you manage to find a good therapist, you can rest assured that you will have a most pleasurable and invigorating underwater massage session.

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