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Thera canes are self-massage tools for your back that deliver trigger point therapy. Thera canes are one of the more popular self massage tools because they are amazing devices that relieve those sore knots in your back.

As their name suggests, thera canes are in the shape of a cane. The hook of the cane wraps around your body to reach your back for a deep tissue self massage. They are constructed out of a durable, unbreakable plastic with a rounded knob on the end to deliver deep, concentrated pressure. Along the length of the cane are two handles for you to grab and use to control your massage.


Thera canes are simple and easy to used, and come in quite handy when you don’t have a friend around to lend an extra pair of hands. The tool can be used to massage all areas of the back, the shoulders and even the neck area. You simply place the rounded tip of the cane against your back and pull and press the cane against your body using the easy grip handles.

The massage tool is based on the principles of trigger point therapy. The thera cane is designed to give you plenty of leverage so that it easy to use, even by those who have limited mobility or strength. By applying hard, concentrated pressure to the trigger points the cane can break up tension and relieve pain, while also preventing further injury.

The cane works by maximizing the flow of blood to the muscles through the application of pressure. It breaks up muscles knots and tension and restores the functioning of the muscles. The increased blood circulation also helps the muscles to perform more efficiently.

This self massage tool helps to relieve muscle stiffness, tension, soreness, and tenderness. It puts fast pain relief in the power of your own hands. With regular use of the thera cane, you can increase your health and improve the functioning of your muscles.

The thera cane comes with a complete instructional booklet to show you the various techniques for using the tool and how to receive the most benefits.

Thera canes make it easy for anyone to give themselves a back massage anytime, anywhere. Most people can’t afford to go see a massage therapist every time their back is hurting, so the thera cane places the power of massage right in your very own hands.

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