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As every Chinese know that Beijing is a busy, modern capital city at present, many people who living here always need a massage to relieve their life or work pressure and to relax their tensing muscles! If you are in Beijing now, you should not miss a professional and special Chinese massages.

Chinese massage therapy is different from western massage, it is more complicated, it’s combined with the western massage and the old Chinese medical skills, sometime they are also mixed with herb to express an amazingefficacy, such as the foot massage, it really a helpful Chinese massage to cure some diseases and improve health condition for people. And the Chinese secret methods of acupuncture massage, Guasha/scraping massage therapy (a popular treatment for bringing out the poisonous elements of body by scraping the neck, chest or back with a piece of ox born) and cupping all have the great benefits to everybody’s health.

During your visit to Beijing, you may experience and enjoy various massages, there are all kinds of massage centers and services in Beijing, you can choose a luxury massage center and take your time to enjoy the whole set of services, or you can also enjoy the massage with a low price in a small barber shop on the street; there’re also blind massage centers, and the massage centers for female only / for male only in Beijing, if you are looking for the traditional Chinese medical massage, you can choose to go to a Chinese medicine hospital or a Chinese medicine massage center to get the typical medical massage.


Chaoyang District

I Spa(Gulou)


As one of the greatest Spas in the city, I Spa brings you unforgettable experience by offering great service, environment and technique. The aroma brought by the incense makes the parlor a comfortable place to stay. There are petals on the bed and cane chairs and potted plants in each room. The Thai therapists are very skillful and considerate. Service here includes full body oil massage, head massage, foot massage, full body spa, facial treatment and body scrub. The red bean porridge served after the massage or spa treatment is very delicious. Per capital consumption is about 799RMB.

Yi Spa


Located in the Sanlitun Soho area, the Yi Spa is situated on the second floor. Providing Thai massage, the place houses Thai decorating styles environment. With Thai aroma, guests can relax easily. The advanced and well-equipped facilities will pamper you from head to toes. The Thai therapists here are very professional. Services here include Thai massage, aromatherapy massage, back massage, Chinese traditional massage and others. Per capital consumption is about 316RMB.

Bodhi Tharapeutic Retreat


Settled in a 6 floor building opposite the north gate of the Workers’ Stadium, the original Bodhi Tharapeutic Retreat provides many different kinds of professional treatment - Thai style massage (RMB 288/90 min), facials (from RMB 320), foot massages (RMB 158/85 min), and pedicures (RMB 68 at the Gongti branch only) courtesy of Anglefish Boutique- like some complimentary food and snacks cooked by their Thai chef. For the additional luxury, try the specially package (from RMB 450/1.5 hours) in the swish sister spa Bodhi Sense on Liangmaqiao Lu.

Tian You Tang


Tian You Tang is known for its Chinese medicine conditioning. Located close to the embassy district, the place is easy to find. Nice interior creates a cozy atmosphere for you to relax. As experts in Traditional Chinese Massage, the passionate and professional therapists know a lot about the acupuncture point. Service here includes chiropractic, bone setting, shoulder and neck massage, foot massage and others. Per capital consumption is about 98RMB.

Dun Min Jiu Tang


Dun Min Jiu Tang is the place where you can get professional acupuncture therapy. The doctor in the lobby will feel the pulse of the customers first. Based on the diagnosis, they will provide proper therapy to you. The parlor is filled with the aroma of wormwood. The decorations are of primitive simplicity. Most recommended therapy is moxibustion. Free red dates soup and bread are provided after the treatment. Per capital consumption is about 170RMB.

Haidian District

I SPA(Summer Palace)

I SPA(Summer Palace).jpg

Once you step in the I SPA(Summer Palace) in the Yu Yuan Hui Parlor, you will be surrounded by the tranquil atmosphere. The aroma of light fragrance in the air, the diming light and the soft music will ease your tense nerve. Inside the tastefully decorated venue, you can enjoy oil massage, meridian massage, body scrub, flower bath, aromatherapy, hot stone therapy, foot massage, full body massage, Thai massage and facial treatments. The skilled therapists are very professional. Per capital consumption is about 1140RMB.

Liangzi Massage(Zizhuqiao)

Liangzi Massage(Zizhuqiao).jpg

"Liangzi" foot massage is national chain foot massage parlor. It has magnificent environment and superior decoration. When you enter into the center, evertone will bow and say hello to you. The technicians are said to have unified training before work. They have professional skills and appropriate power. They will explain your health problem in details which he found during the massage process, and tell customers how to keep fit and take care of your body.

Fanchangwei Jiu Cao Tang

Fanchangwei Jiu Cao Tang.jpg

Run by a prestigious Chinese physician, Jiu Cao Tang is well known for its acupuncture. With a history of more than 3 years, the place houses 9 rooms. Inside the Jiu Cao tang is a Chinese style interior, with bookshelves full of books about Chinese medicine and yoga. The Buddhism Music played in the rooms can make you relax easily. Glutinous Rice Wine is served before the therapy and jujube red bean porridge is available after. Remember to make reservation before you go. Per capital consumption is 64 RMB.

Fengtai District

Wu Zhi Sheng Foot and Body Massage

Wu Zhi Sheng Foot and Body Massage.jpg

Owning 8 Branch stores in Beijing, the Wu Zhi Sheng Foot and Body Massage is opposite to Guiyou Mansion. The center is nice and clean. There are many treatments available to choose from, such as skin scraping, cupping, back stepping, oil massage and foot massage. With years of experience, the therapists here are very professional. Free fruits and snacks are provided. Free parking is available at the front door. Per capital consumption is 115RMB.

Oriental Venice International Hotel Leisure Center

Oriental Venice International Hotel Leisure Center.jpg

Oriental Venice International Hotel belongs to Eastern KaiDeHua Group, it has been built at a cost of three hundred million yuan, the total area is nearly 40000 square meters, has 500 parking Spaces and 400 guest rooms, can accommodate 600 people dining at the same time, 2000 people bathing. Ticket price 168 yuan contains hot spring bathing, sauna, 18 hours four meal hall of middle-late food taken late at night to rest as soon as possible. Handle Vip card or at the discount period, the lowest ticket price is 99 yuan.

Liangzi Massage(Fangzhuang)

Liangzi Massage(Fangzhuang).jpg

The Liangzi Massage Fangzhuang Branch in Fengtai District is located underground. Featuring cozy and clean environment and professional and kind therapists, the place is luxurious leisure location. Services provided here include foot massage and other healthcare treatments. Free parking is available. Per capital consumption is about 123RMB.

Dongcheng District

Huaxia Liangzi(Chongwenmen)

Huaxia Liangzi(Chongwenmen).jpg

The Huaxia Liangzi Chongwenmen Branch is close to the Chongwenmen New World Shopping Mall in Dongcheng District. As a large chain store, the place houses comfortable and clean environment, professional therapists and great services, including foot massage, full body massage, shoulder and neck massage, healthcare massage and others. Per capital consumption is about 126RMB.

Congen Massage Healthcare Club

Congen Massage Healthcare Club(康骏会馆).jpg

Located in the financial heartland, the Congen Massage Healthcare Club enjoys convenient transportation. Though the rooms are small, the ambiance is classic and calm. With years of experience, the therapists here are of great techniques. They also give you tips of daily care. Most recommended therapy will be full body oil massage. Fruits and drinks are provided before the treatments. Per capital consumption is about 98RMB.

Xicheng District

I SPA(Xuanwu)

I SPA(Xuanwu).jpg

The I SPA(Xuanwu) is located near the Caishikou Subway Station, on the 6th floor of the New Century Grand Hotel in Xicheng District. With hardwood floor, refined room setting and rose leaves on the bed, the I SPA provides both single rooms and double rooms. As a spa in the 5-star hotel, the place features first class services offered by well-trained staffs. Treatments here include meridian massage, oil massage, body scrub, flower bath, aromatherapy, foot massage and Thai massage. Per capital consumption is about 780RMB.

Beijing Massage Hospital


Opened in 1985, the Beijing Massage Hospital is a Chinese medicine specialized hospital. It is close to the Pingan Li Station of Subway Line 4. Located in a courtyard, the hospital features a homey Chinese traditional appeal. The hospital enjoys a great reputation among locals, which has gained it lots of customers. The experienced therapists here offer services such as skin scraping, physical therapy and massage. Per capital consumption is about 300RMB.

Liangzi Massage(Financial Street)

Liangzi Massage(Financial Street).jpg

The Liangzi Massage Financial Street Branch is located in B1 of the Jinchen International Apartment Building 4. With tasteful interior designs and enthusiastic staffs, the massage center provides services such as foot massage, full body massage, foot bathing and others. Situated in the prosperous financial street, the Liangzi Massage is usually crowded. Per capital consumption is about 187RMB. Free parking is available and reservation is required.

Changping District

Huaxia Liangzi(Huilongguan Branch)

Huaxia Liangzi(Huilongguan Branch).jpg

The Huaxia Liangzi(Huilongguan Branch) is situated at the south of the Longyue international business hotel. The interior is clean and cozy and the therapists are professional. Services provided here include foot massage, head, shoulder and back massage, meridian massage, pedicure and other healthcare therapies. Free drinks and snacks are available after the therapies. Per capital consumption is about 101RMB.

Fuqiao Foot Massage(Tiantongyuan)

Fuqiao Foot Massage(Tiantongyuan).jpg

It is one of the biggest Pedicure chain institutions in China, known as the foot massage, massage bath, it also include gym and other services. The massage therapists are all very enthusiastic and professional. Environment is very good and the lights is bright" and room type is completely magnificent. Price is a little small expensive, but feel "normal", "it's not a mess" surcharge. The weekend, business has been also very good.

Shunyi District

Quanjincheng GOSAND

Quanjincheng GOSAND.jpg

As the flagship store of QuanJinCheng, the Quanjincheng GOSAND is very well known. The Quanjincheng GOSAND is located near the Tongshun Road. Featuring advanced facilities, nice environment and professional therapists, the place is a integration of bathing, leisure, accommodation and dining. The buffet includes a variety of dishes, such as sushi, sashimi, Fin Rice and others. Services provided here include foot massage, sauna and others. Per capital consumption is about 153RMB.

Lan Yoga & Spa Center

Lan Yoga & Spa Center.jpg

With exotic designs, the Lan Yoga & Spa Center (Shunyi Branch) features a wonderful ambiance. The therapists here are well trained and experienced. Apart from the Yoga courses, the parlor also offers services such as spa treatments, foot massage and other massage services. Per capital consumption is about 1000RMB.

Fangshan District

Quanjincheng GOSAND(Changyang)

Quanjincheng GOSAND(Changyang).jpg

As the flagship store of QuanJinCheng, the Quanjincheng GOSAND is very well known. The Quanjincheng GOSAND Changyang branch is a nice place for leisure. The entrance fee is about 128RMB per person. Apart from the massage and sauna service, the place also provides performances at night. The staffs are very attentive and the buffet is very delicious. Per capital consumption is about 200RMB.

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