The Manual: A Visual Guide to Therapy Techniques

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This Clinical Bodywork Massage Book is designed for both new therapist training and continuing education in deep tissue myofascial techniques.

New practitioners will learn countless techniques to make their work more effective and fun.

Experienced therapists in myofascial release, bodywork, physical therapy, and clinical massage enthusiastically praise Art Rigg's massage therapy books and videos for expanding their skills.

Unlike many other massage therapy books, Art Riggs targets both new practioners and specialists experienced in their fields. Over 225 pages, 250 photographs and 50 detailed anatomy illustrations clearly illustrate hundreds of effective therapeutic massage techniques.


  1. Cultivating touch and biomechanics to work safely for yourself and your clients.
  2. Techniques using fingers, knuckles, fists, forearms, and elbows to work tissues with maximum efficiency and a minimum of effort.
  3. Body positioning and techniques for effective release of tension.
  4. Specific treatment suggestions for common complaints and injuries including stretching and strengthening protocols for your clients to use at home.

A Visual Guide to Techniques is not a training recipe book to be followed blindly, but with proper training can be molded to your style, your personality, and the needs of your clients so that you may express your own unique creativity while deepening your practice.

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