The Benefits of a Balinese Massage

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Balinese massage, which traces its roots in Bali, Indonesia is a type of natural therapy which includes the manipulation of the body's meridian through a combination of various massage techniques. Acupressure, aromatherapy massage and reflexology are used by the masseuse during the therapy to address various types of problems both emotionally and physically with a specific technique.

The patient often experiences the satisfying benefits and effects right after the massage therapy. Whole body relaxation may probably be the most common noticeable effect of this type of massage therapy. The body loosens up with every massage strokes and manipulation of each pressure point with the acupressure and reflexology method. The aroma of therapeutic herbs is used specifically in soothing and calming the emotion of the client. Aromatherapy massage is also essential in setting up the mood inside the room which greatly increases the healing capability as well as the relaxing experience of a Balinese massage. Each of the essential oils have their own healing, energizing, and calming effects when applied on the skin, although some of these oils may have negative effects on sensitive skin. Discussing the skin medical history of the patient as well as his or her current condition is vital in preventing this kind of problem from occurring during and after the therapy session. The client may also want to use other clothes as some of these massage oils may leave stains on the cloth.

Balinese massage therapy also includes deep tissue massage which helps relieve the patient from all sorts of muscle pains. This type of therapy not only focuses on the soothing of the body but also aims for the total wellness of the body. Each stroke stimulates the nervous system which enhances the mood of the patient as well as heightens the sense of wellness. Acupressure is known for targeting pressure points which addresses to the corresponding part of the body. As the therapist conducts acupressure techniques with his or her hands, the body loosens up and relaxes with each application of pressure. The main goal of acupressure in this therapy is to regain strength to the weakened muscle groups, relax stiff muscles, and relieve muscle pain. This technique helps in balancing the energy or qi within the body to maintain a healthy physical and mental condition.

Reflexology in a Balinese massage is used to manipulate each part of the body through the hands and feet of the patient. The body benefits with the improvement of blood and oxygen circulation which is attained by unblocking each of their specific pathways for the two to freely flow throughout the body. When these two important supplies needed in the body freely circulates without blockage or shortage in supply, the body works properly and in its optimum performance. The result is a healthy mind and body. Reflexology focuses on the treatment rather than making the body calm down and relax which is the work of aromatherapy in this type of therapeutic massage.

Although this therapy has a great combination that can both heal and sooth the body, it is still best to consult a doctor before trying this alternative medical care.

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