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What is Sweet Almond Oil?

Sweet almond oil is an emollient oil extracted from the nuts of the sweet almond tree. The sweet almond oil is almost clear with a light yellow tint and a sweet, nutty fragrance. It will not only give you beautiful skin and hair but also will be the best for maintaining a healthy body and mind. From boosting the memory power to keeping up a healthy nervous system, almond oil serves all your health and beauty needs.

What about the Features of This Oil?

Sweet almond oil has many features that make it unique as a carrier oil. It absorbs into the skin with medium-fast speed and is a nongreasy moisturizer. It is inexpensive to produce, but will go rancid quickly when exposed to light and air unless it is mixed with more stable oils, like wheat germ oil or jojoba oil. Even just adding 10 percent of another oil to your sweet almond oil will help keep it from spoiling.

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What are the Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil?

  • Almond oil is an excellent moisturizer and lubricant, which prevents the skin from drying and keeps you free from chapped and peeling skin.
  • Sweet almond oil had been used as a soothing remedy for skin allergies, and to treat minor cuts and wounds. So, if you face any kind of injuries and skin ailments, remember that almond oil is always there for you.
  • Sweet Almond oil has a rich source of vitamin E, its regular use will reduce wrinkles and make you look younger and beautiful. Almond oil is perhaps the best ingredient to reverse the signs of ageing.
  • For luxurious growth, hair requires nutrients and protection from harsh elements. The best way that one can revive dull and unhealthy hair is by applying almond oil. Using the tip of your fingers gently massage the hair and scalp with almond oil. The oil will nourish the hair and increase the blood circulation in the scalp leading to luxurious, shiny and beautiful hair.


If you suffer from an allergy to nuts, it is advisable not to use sweet almond oil for any purpose. Even those with diabetes should avoid it, as it has properties that may lower blood sugar to unnatural levels. Sweet almond oil may go rancid easily, and should therefore, be stored in a cool, dark place. Its shelf life is further increased when combined with other stable oils such as jojoba oil or wheatgerm oil. First check your sensitivity to sweet almond oil, by applying a very small amount on a patch of skin. If there is no allergic reaction, it is a green signal for you to use this oil for all the benefits it provides, to your hair, skin, mind and body.

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