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Spiritual massage refers to a combination of techniques to enrich the body, mind, and soul. Conventional deep tissue massage is used to ease the muscles but certain types exercises, affirmations, and even prayer can be added to the experience to maintain overall good health. Typically, only a person who is qualified in holistic medicine as well as massage therapy can administer a spiritual massage correctly. He must also be able to transfer positive energy in a spiritual manner. This is done by applying what is referred to as a loving touch.

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Breathing the proper way is important while receiving a spiritual massage. The holistic professional may suggest deep breathing exercises before the massage begins. This can help to reduce stress or tensions so that using deep breathing methods helps one achieve relaxation. When the mind is completely relaxed, affirmations can then be introduced.

Music, prayer, and positive thoughts are all included in a spiritual massage. These are called affirmations, and they help to ease and comfort the mind during a massage. The holistic professional may suggest visualizing a beautiful outdoor scene or focusing on a special ability. This is done to gain a better understanding of one's self and also to become rejuvenated and more productive. An affirmation during a spiritual massage is similar to hypnosis because it is introduced during a sleep-like state.

Deep tissue massage is used in spiritual massage and it is also done to relax the body. Instead of concentrating on the body or limbs, a holistic professional may also massage the fingers, toes, and the neck area. He may also massage the scalp, eyes, nose, and mouth. If there is an unusual amount of tension felt, meditation can also be used as a relaxation technique. Occasionally, yoga is also done before a spiritual massage.

Becoming closer to a higher power or God is another important part of a spiritual massage. Showing and giving appreciation, thanking God, and expressing concerns over troubles, can ease pain and emotional problems. It is thought that by doing this, the heart becomes more open and receptive to receiving love.

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