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If you are trying to relax your client with a soothing massage and their eyes are closed and they are completely relaxed. But a sudden sound of horns and sirens happen and it jolt your client to wakefulness which put a damper to all your hard work, because not all of us can have our parlours and spas near a quiet river or a beach. at this moment, you should think about some ways to solve this problems. Using some good spa music may be a perfect idea to consider. At most of time, music has the ability to influence your mood. So, if you put on some relaxing and rejuvenating music for your clients, it will intensify the relaxing experience and leave them rested and relaxed.

What kind of music do you choose and how do you know what the kind of massage music your clients will like. Here are some tips for your reference:

  1. It is critical to know and understand your client's preferences when it comes to spa music. Different people are affected by different cultures and experiences. You can ask them to choose the music that they like from your collection.
  2. Ensure that the sort of spa music you have is rhythmic and melodious without any jarring changes. Dreamy and slow music works for most female clients while male clients may prefer something peppier.
  3. Most of the times classical piano and guitar are the preferred choices for spa music. Many clients prefer chamber, Celtic and slow jazz. Some even like music that employs a number of instruments including steady drumbeats.
  4. Make sure that you use music without lyrics. It should be soothing and should not inspire the client to get up and dance. Moreover, music with lyrics may also cause certain clients to become emotional or overly stimulate them.
  5. Make sure that you avoid all kinds of country western, rap, rock and roll, and marches. You also need to avoid repeating the tracks since that may irritate the client. Hence, have a variety of different albums with you. You can use albums with sound of nature since that helps people to relax.

There are a number of choices available when it comes to spa music for massage etc. The best way to choose the right kind of music is to imagine yourself in the client's shoes and then ask yourself if you would like to hear a particular number while taking the massage.

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