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What is Called Spa?

In general, a spa is a place where you can receive spa treatments, most commonly massage , facials, and body treatments . Spas are devoted to enhancing your health and well-being -- though medical spas have a stronger focus. Spa is associated with water treatment which is also known as balneotherapy. Spa typically offer various health treatments. The belief in the curative powers of mineral waters goes back to prehistoric times, so Spa has been popular all over the world,, especially in Europe and Japan. In general, you can find several different types of spas in the world. The International Spa Association defines spas as "places devoted to enhancing overall well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body and spirit.”


The Different Types of Spa

You can find many different types of spas in the world, you should understand the difference among them so that you find something you're looking for. For example, the first kind of Spa must be a day spa where you just drop in for treatments like massage, facials and body treatments. The following are some types of Spa you can find in the world.

Day Spa

It offers spa treatments exclusively on a day-use basis. Many also offer salon services. Size and character can vary widely. The important thing here is to find out if the day spa is separated from the noisier salon environment.

Medical Spa

A Spa that operates under the full-time, on-site supervision of a licensed health care professional whose primary purpose is to provide comprehensive medical and wellness care in an environment that integrates spa services, as well as traditional, complimentary and/or alternative therapies and treatments.

Destination Spa

Its sole purpose is to help you lead a healthier lifestyle through spa treatments, exercise, and educational programming. You stay at least two nights. Some have minimum stays of three or seven nights. Spa cuisine is served exclusively.

Club Spa

A facility whose primary purpose is fitness and which offers a variety of professionally administered spa services on a day-use basis.

Hotel Spa

It is located within a resort or hotel. It offers spa services, fitness classes and spa cuisine alongside less health choices like steaks and burgers. It's a good choice when one person wants spa and the other golf. It also works for business travelers and families.

Dental Spa

A facility under the supervision of a licensed dentist that combines traditional dental treatment with the services of a spa.

Medical Spa

It offers treatments that require a doctor's supervision, such as laser resurfacing and Botox injections. It also offers spa treatments.

Ayurvedic Spa

A spa in which all treatments and products are natural and it's often used as alternative medicine.

Mineral Springs Spa

It has natural mineral, thermal or seawater that is used in hydrotherapy treatments.

Cruise ship Spa

A spa aboard a cruise ship providing professionally administered spa services, fitness and wellness components and spa cuisine menu choices.

Airport Spa

It is located in an airport and specializes in short treatments aimed at the traveler, like 15-minute chair massage and oxygen therapy. Some also offer longer treatments.

Something about Spas


Spas offer a wide variety of treatments, in addition to receiving traditional water therapy and various types of massage, some people like to be wrapped in a special concoction of seaweed and minerals or honey and peppermint or some other exotic mixture. Others enjoy receiving facials with herbal cleansers and tonics that deeply cleanse and refresh the skin. Still others enjoy body scrubs that remove all the dead skin and leave them feeling invigorated. But there are still something about Spa that most people may not know:

  • At a minimum a spa should offer a relaxing environment, robe and slippers, soothing music, and high quality spa treatments.
  • No one regulates the use of the word "spa." Some hair salons call themselves a spa when all they have is one massage table.
  • You can drop in and ask for a quick tour before you book an appointment at day spas.
  • There are many different types of spas. Do your research to make sure you get the experience you want.

Why Do We Need to Go to a Spa

The following some of the best reasons to go to a spa with some suggestions on where to get the spa experience you're looking for.

Keep Healthy

In general, the spas are the best choice if you're looking to make a major some healthy changes and need some support. Some health Spa can offer good nutrition and exercise balanced with relaxing spa treatment. Destination spas are greatest choice for solo travelers.

Expelling of Toxin

Our environment has all kinds of harmful toxins both in physical and mental. A few select spas specialize in detox. Some of the options include juice fasting and colonics at We Care or Ayurvedic panchakarma at Elemental Embrace or The Raj. Yoga classes and treatments like lymphatic drainage also help with detox.

Help Relaxed

If you just want to get a few spa treatments, hang out by the pool, and eat cheeseburgers for lunch, try a resort spa. There's a huge range in terms of price, facilities and amenities. Ask if they offer exercise classes, how often, and if there's an extra charge. These are often the best choices for families because of kids club.

Get Inspired

Many spas have programs that help you get in touch with your creativity.

Lose Weight

Many Spas all-day exercise for rapid weight loss are (mostly) over. Now most destination spas teach your how to eat for long-term health. Generally you can eat as much or as little as you want.

Do Yoga

You can find yoga classes at just about every destination spa (and many resort spas). But some do it better than others. There are top teachers, a huge yoga studio, and classes aimed at different levels of expertise in a Spa.

The Treatments Performed by therapist

There is a wide variety of treatments available under the "spa therapy umbrella", spa therapists may perform some or all of the following treatments:

  • Vichy shower
  • Swiss shower
  • Scotch hose
  • Hydrotherapy bath
  • Steam treatments
  • Sauna treatments
  • Spa aromatherapy
  • Auricular heat therapy
  • Diet & nutrition
  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Indian head massage
  • Lomilomi massage
  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Reflexology massage
  • Sports massage
  • Thai massage
  • Traditional Maori massage
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