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There are many kind of massages which are called regular massage such as the Loose bone, tight skin, step back, pull cans, scrapping, knead ridge, now, they have become irregular massage service in some sauna, the following are detailed knowledge of these massage type


Loose Bone松骨(Songgu)

Loose bone massage is mainly divided into two categories, health care massage and entertainment massage. In China, most sauna center provide the latter one.



  • Pressure
  • Knead
  • Push
  • Split knocking
  • Kneeling
  • Movement joint method


  • This kind of Thai massage will usually start from the foot, and toward the center parts of the body according to the combination of massage skill.
  • Exquisiteness, Thai massage with delicate finger pressing technique, emphasizes on human limbs and big muscles to stretch to knead, etc., make the strength of the palm evenly permeate deep muscle, so as to dredge meridians, to reconcile qi and blood.
  • Joint mobility: put the pressure after the neck, waist, rotation of four fingers twitched back against the pull, this method is widely used, etc.
  • Thai massage has obvious eliminate fatigue, it can relax muscles, in addition, it is helpful for muscle damage, gout, inflammation and so on.
  • Provocative, since most of the customers not only to consumption, but also consume time.


Jinpi technique is always used on people’s natural facial skin which can help to remove wrinkles, it just play on your skin with your hand.


Stepping on back(Caibei 踩背)

Stepping on back has the similar meaning with Loose Bone, which can let you better watch the girl's private parts, as soon as possible to promote process, the massage girl is not so tired, therefore, this kind massage way is often used.



Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which cups are placed on the skin to create suction. The cups can be made of a variety of materials, including: Glass; Bamboo; Earthenware



Gua Sha is a significant technique in the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The name is comprised of the two Chinese characters Gua, meaning to scrape or rub, and Sha meaning sand. Gua Sha includes scraping the skin with the rounded edge of an instrument to encourage the formation of petechiae, red spots on the surface of the skin that resemble sand.


Spine Pinching(Nie Ji捏脊)

Use the Middle finger, ring finger and little finger to grip with half a punch shape, index finger flexor, thumb pointed straight at the first half, then use the thumb and index finger go to previous and take the flesh and the caudal vertebra alternating hands forward to promote to a pediatric massage on both sides of the back.

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