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What Is Soapy Massage?

Soapy massage is originated from in Thailand, its Chinese name is 肥皂按摩/泡沫按摩, it is not like most other massage, but this is a special service that is almost completely restricted to Thailand. The soapy massage includes the masseuse bathing with the client. Then the client will lay on an air mattress and the masseuse will lather the client with soap. This kind of massage often takes about an hour and men are more likely than women to book this type of massage.

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Is Soapy Massage Legal?

There are many different types of regular massage, but a soapy massage does not really fall into any of these categories. Using the word soapy massage is very misleading about what kind of service this provides. Beyond that point, the soapy massage are not allowed to provide in some country, but they are effectively legal in Thailand. The most common hits on an Internet search regarding Soapy Massage takes you to sites on massage parlors in Thailand. The services offered would not be legal in most country such as China, America…..some spas in China may offer a relaxation massage and include a soaping step, but this would be as part of a more traditional massage. Some other massage parlor or sauna center offer a Thailand-style soapy massage is implying non-massage services.

How to Perform Soapy Massage?

You can find a few massage parlors which can provide soapy in China. but the massage list may not been shown, you should ask the boss of the massage shop whether they can provide this kind of massage. This massage service mean both of you will get in the bath together to perform the massage. After you are clean, you then get dried and retire to the bed to relax and do whatever comes naturally. All of that is 'normal' activity in the massage spa or massage parlors in China. you can take your own Soap, towels and other necessary equipment, but if you forget, they can also provide you these things. Additionally, the traditional massage also provides alternative medicinal therapy. The soapy massage is never used by physicians for any type of alternative medicine. The soapy massage will not be used for sports stars and professional dancers to keep their bodies in perfect condition and this kind of massage would rarely be used by medical professionals for alternative medical treatment.

Soapy Massage Therapists

Those who perform soapy massage usually get all of their training through on the job experience. Those massage therapists who provide this type of massage do not usually have the same types of regulations and certification. The traditional massage can be somewhat like a massage found in China in that some are intended solely for a pleasurable feeling or relaxation. Now, There are many massage therapists at luxury spas and resorts that provide soothing, relaxing Soapy massage in China.


The Benefits of Soapy Massage:

  • It can improve circulation to the skin, increased nutrition to the cells and encouraging cell regeneration.
  • It can reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing both mind and body.
  • It can improve elasticity of the skin.
  • This kind of massage can promote positive body awareness and an improved body image through relaxation.
  • It can increase production of sweat from the sweat glands, helping to excrete urea and waste products through the skin.
  • It can create a feeling of well-being and enhanced self-esteem.
  • It also can improve the skin’s colour.

Some Soapy Massage Places in China

In Beijing

Lemon Tree Massage Center

Welcome to Lemon Tree Massage Center. We cater to the expat community. Our staff is talented, beautiful, English/Chinese speaking, and very friendly. We offer a variety of massage styles with the highest quality oils and lotions. Our location is clean and easy to locate (but you must call or email first for the exact address). Outcall available.

In Shanghai

Hai Lang Sauna海浪会所(海浪休闲会所)

The chinese name you never will remember (hai lang xiu xian hui suo), so for western it is called "wave" or "new wave". Hai Lang Sauna offer a high class massage service and also red rope and nuru massage in shanghai. The location is clean, people are friendly and they have a lot of very beautiful sexy massage girls. Most customers are Japanese or Chinese people, could be because off our review now you will find more and more western customer there. Some massage rooms have a connected bathroom, so you can get a soap body to body massage also. Special also is the red rope helicopter "massage". For the girls selection, you will have a relaxed "fishbowl" room, so no pushing atmosphere.

Dream Spa梦龙水宫

This club is one of the most exclusive spa locations in Shanghai. you will find high class wet area. clean and big whirl pool, jet stream and so on. everything is new and clean. you will have a selection of 20 to 30 girls in a lineup way. the rooms are big and also very clean and the service is same than other spa locations in Shanghai. There is a free parking place around there, the traffic is very convenient, the massage girl can provide Nuru massage and dry rubbing for the clients. Clubhouse internal and external configuration has multi-angle all-round monitoring and security guards, privacy and security is very high, they have the rigorous work style, excellent management team to provide a meticulous and overall security for the customer..

Bodi Hotel Sauna博地会所

This is a nice plase similar to the 999 and golden 18. they offer a nice linup with 15 to 30 girls from early morning till 3 am in the night. The service also includes a soapie wash together with the girl in a special bathroom connected to the massage room. nice experience, if you never tried a nuru-massage before.

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