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Singapore is a dynamic Nation and there are a lot of things to do in Singapore. Singapore truly represents the Asian culture and with a wide range of things to do in Singapore the tourists are perennially kept engaged with some kind of activity. For example, Singapore massage is one of the most popular activities in this city,

In Singapore, you can find a lot of best therapeutic massages and most blissful spa therapies in Singapore for ladies and couples, from top to toe, Whatever your preference, take the time to discover full range of massages in Singapore, from the traditional or deep-tissue massages to the most luxurious and detoxifying massages in Singapore and enjoy them.


Massage Parlor in Singapore

The Singapore Massage is always ready to make you feel relaxed after your long day of sightseeing and shopping in Singapore. Plunge into the numerous massage parlors in Singapore to pamper yourself amidst the luxuries and comfort provided by them. The Singapore Massage parlors provide you with a wide range of options you can choose from like aromatherapy or Jacuzzi. Discover the pleasure of cracking bones and steam baths at the massage parlors of Singapore. The various types of therapies and treatments would give your skin and body a shine you can't resist to fall in love with.

Some popular massage parlors providing you with the specialty of Singapore Massage are the following:

Hatyai Thai Massage

Hatyai Thai Massage calls themselves “The Best Real Thai Massage In Singapore Chinatown”. They state that they have 18 years of experience in providing massage service. They combine their massages with other services like ear candling. Hatyai Thai Massage also offers a membership card ($80), and with it, customers get to enjoy the services at a discounted rate.

Hot Spa at Roxy Square

Hot Spa at Roxy Square is a place contains massage, spa, and other therapies. For 1 hour massage and the usage of spa facilities, you need to pay for $76. The spa provides free meals for customers. Before entering the Jacuzzi, you can take a rest at the smoking corner. Masseurs here are all well trained and certificated.

Lollipop Massage

Lollipop Massage is a massage parlor in the Orchard Road. It provides a wide range of massage services consisting of Full Body Massage, Lingam Massage, Tantric Massage, Erotic Massage, Yoni Massage and Singapore Massage etc.

Aura Indonesian Massage

Come to Aura Indonesian Massage to treat your spirit, mind and body to a complete and extraordinary reviving, de-stressing experience.

Healing Thai Massage

Healing Thai Massage is a professional massage parlor which provides Thai Oil Massage, Thai Traditional Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Javanese Massage, and Foot Massage. Massage can relax body and has many benefits, such as foot massage. Foot massage involves applying pressure to certain points on the foot that correspond to organs and systems in the body.

Spas in Singapore

The spa industry is an important part of Singapore’s health and wellness sector and is one of the few businesses to have demonstrated resilience during the economic crisis. Singapore’s spa industry is reported to be valued at S$140 million a year and this figure is growing year-on-year. Record high tourist arrivals and the growing affluence of individuals has given an impetus to the spa industry in Singapore. Spa-goers are loosening their purse strings and are spending thousands of dollars on exotic treatments and multiple-treatment packages. Singapore’s spa market not only caters to women but is also seeing a rise in the number of men who are willing to pamper themselves with luxurious treatments.

Some Spas in Singapore providing you with the Singapore Massage are the following:

Alleviate Fish Spa

Alleviate Fish Spa is a leading fish spa in Singapore. Because these fish eat dead skin cells that exist, then the legs will be cleaner, softer feel and are believed to treat certain skin diseases such as dry eczema and psoriasis. In addition to beauty and healthy skin, this therapy stimulates acupuncture points-tick on your feet and makes a smooth blood circulation. Besides fish spas, Alleviate Fish Spa also provides Scalp Massage, Swedish Massage and Ear Candling. It is a multiple spa center in Singapore.


Founded in 2000, AFOND Spa is completely a day spa in Singapore providing a series of professional unisex spa services, from full body massage, couple spa, and professional massage treatment of antenatal and bath, professional beauty spa, facial care, Jacuzzi hydrotherapy, weight loss and firming. AFOND Spa is designed to provide affordable beauty and Spa services for the public, at the same time maintain a high class service and quality.

Bath Culture Foot Therapy

Bath Culture Foot Therapy is a traditional Chinese massage place which provides Moisturizing Milk Foot Bath, Neck & Shoulder Massage, An intensive exfoliating buff to sloughs away dead skin & calluses and Oriental Foot Massage. This place offers a true traditional Chinese massage. Whether you choose a half-an-hour neck and back massage or take a whole menu of foot soaks and reflexology, it is an unforgettable and wonderful massage experience.

It Works

Located in the Orchard Road, It Works is a comprehensive shop with massage and spa services. It is equipped with a wide range of massage and spa facilities. The interior environment is clean and elegant. With the soft music, experienced massauses, reasonable prices and convenient traffic nearby, It Works is a wonderful place to go.

A & A Wellness Spa

A&A Wellness offers wellness services such as Facial Treatment that suitable for all skin types .The products that we use are natural and the gentle facial leaves you with a smooth-as-tile

Active ingredients and gentle stimulations scour dead skin and lock in moisture for a dewy soft texture. We also do Body Massage that pamper your exhausted body. Try our different types of massage from Javanese Oil Massage to Hot Stone Body Massage!

Health Centers in Singapore

The “Health Centre” probably makes people feel it is a place where people can go to relax, exercise and so on. In fact, a health centre in Singapore is a nothing more than a massage shop. Unlike brothels, there are no restrictions, other than those imposed by building safety and fire codes, as to where a health centre can operate. They can be found all over the city, they look very decent and are often located in very respectable shopping centers and star hotels. When you arrive at the health centre of your choice, just walk boldly in.

Some Popular Health Center in Singapore:

Excelsior Health Centre

Excelsior Health Centre is a massage parlor located on the third floor of Excelsior Shopping Center in the Coleman Street. It possesses a group of skillful, experienced and hot masseuses who will provide you with an unforgettable massage experience. However, it is a pity that this massage parlor has closed down in 2012. Fees: $50 for HJ.

Gold Finger Health Spa

Located at Jalan Besar, Gold Finger Health Spa is a healthy spa provides spa services, massage therapies and reflexology treatments. Both massage and spa are helpful in providing relief from acute or chronic pain associated with a body part. It can be useful for people suffering from frequent bouts of headache, arthritis, etc. Gold Finger Health Spa offers you a good massage experience in Singapore.

Family Wellness Healthcare Centre

Located at East Central away from the maddening crowd, Family Wellness Healthcare Centre provides male, female and couples massages. Every customer here will be lead to an individual cubicle to enjoy a private relaxing time. Every room is clean, quiet and cosy. Masseuses here are certificated and professional with amazing massage technique. You will receive wonderful massages in the centre.

Chien Chi Tow (People’s Park Centre)

Chien Chi Tow is a professional Chinese health center offering Chinese Tuina, Acupuncture, Herbal Steam Therapy, Herbal Foot Bath, Foot Reflexology, Health Massage, etc. Chien Chi Tow Tuina combines Chinese Martial Arts with traditional Tuina which is highly effective in body. Herbal Steam Therapy incorporates the SPA factor. It not only helps in relieving aches and pains, it also helps in detoxification and weight loss.

Aven View Health Center

This massage center is located in Havelock Road in Singapore, it is a very nice health center, the environment in this center is very nice, clean and comfortable. The massage technicians in this center are all very professional and beautiful, they can provide different kind of service such as full nody massage, HJ(hand job), BJ(Blow job), FJ(Fuck job) and some other special service.

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