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The Definition of Silk Foot Massage

Silk foot massage means wearing a soft massage with their feet and legs sexy stockings for you to do full-body massage points, including sensitive parts of the body, the last will give you relaxation and pleasure also a comfortable feeling. The main action of the Silk foot massage is pushing, fibrillation, point, slide, drawing, twisting and so on, footwork, through stimulation of main and collateral channels, acupoints, relax the muscles. This is the new kinds of massage ways, instead of the traditional hand massage methods. The massage therapist can use their own way to smell, to caress, kiss the chiropractor to put on silk stockings’ both feet. Silk foot massage throughout the care process mostly use the foot, foot rigid-flexible and economic, flexible and diverse, has a high technical difficulty. Silk foot massage can promote good sleep, traditional health care can not comfortable and healthy body effect.

Adapt to the crowd:

The suitable groups include the people at the age from 25 to 50 years old and always work in the computer, driver, excessive physical labor or men rarely in a position for a long term. A complete set of silk foot massage can last 2-4 hours advisable, the people who are really tired or at the age above 30 years old can do this massage for 4 hours to reach the muscles completely relaxing. If the people can do this kind of massage for 4 ~ 8 times a month and insist for a long time, it can help the people to regulate the body's physiological, relax the muscles, stimulate blood, relieve spasm, relax muscle, joint and improve blood circulation.


The Benefits of Silk Foot Massage

The benefits of silk foot massage are many. it has been practiced for many years in China, and it is so popular. With more than 7,000 nerves of the body waiting to be stimulated, you may find that silk foot massage is very powerful and extremely pleasurable.

  • The blood that circulates through the body is responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrition to the body's cells. The blood also cleanses waste and toxins from the body. Because blood flow becomes limited when stress is present, silk foot massage can be beneficial as it decreases stress and allows the circulation of blood to flow unimpeded.
  • This kind of massage can improve homeostasis, when all the body's systems are working in harmony with one another to bring about a state of balance. A silk foot massage can encourage homeostasis so that good health can be obtained.
  • Silk foot massage can release any blockages that can hold back energy that should be flowing through the body freely.
  • Relaxing the body through Silk foot massage may prevent the harmful effects of stress from taking a toll on the body. This kind of massage can offer protection against the many diseases that are associated with stress.
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