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Shenzhen is a popular place for people to go to get a Shenzhen massage. Prices are low compared with some other cities in China, For example, a foot massage which actually often consists of massaging your shoulders, back, arms, legs, and feet will just costs 25-50RMB for 60-80 minutes depending on the massage place you have chosen. Recently, many large massage spa and club have appeared in Shenzhen. For an entrance fee of around 100RMB you get 24 hours of access to a spa pool, saunas, showers, baths, and other amenities depending on the facility. For around 150RMB you can have 90 minutes of full-body Chinese, Thai, or Hong Kong-style massage in a private room or with your friends.

The massage therapists in some famous massage parlors in Shenzhen come from various regions around China and are listed with pictures and statistics in catalogs and can be selected by number and most of them speak very nice foreign language. The following are some famous massage parlors or Spas in Shenzhen for your reference.


Some Famous Spa Center in Shenzhen:

Queen Spa皇室假期水疗会所

Queen Spa.jpg

This spa is a popular tourist destination in part because it has the notable advantage of having English-speaking staff on duty and identified with clearly visible tags year-round. The entry fee of 98RMB is waived after 168RMB of spa services paid, not including the 10% service charge and tips of 10-30RMB per 45 minutes.

Oriental Palm Spring International Spa Club东方棕泉国际会所

Oriental Palm Spring International Club.jpg

It is refurbished with a strong Thai themed interior decor, you almost think you are in a Thailand resort especially on the new first floor. It is one of the biggest spas in the Futian area. This club is famous for providing excellent service, massages and really good Chinese cuisine. The following are the service the can provide: - Free shuttle service to Futian and LokMaChau/Huang Guang Ko An - Sauna/Steam/Jacuzzi/Shower area - Change and locker rooms - Good comfy chairs in resting hall - Free Table tennis - Free cinema - Poker rooms, pool table, internet bar - All you can eat seasonal fruits and a complimentary drink - Chinese restaraunt - Private sitting rooms - Private massage rooms - KTV and hotel guest rooms - Spa, beauty, hair services

SLF International Spa Club水立方国际水疗会

SLF International Spa Club.jpg

Branded as Water Cube is brand new, hence in excellent condition, and tastefully designed with an interior resembling a luxury hotel. Although English is barely spoken by anybody, the staffs are clearly trained to be first class and they try their best to be helpful. For more details, please click here. The spa is distinct from the main street outside. Gym, fruit, full drink menu including iced lemon tea and coffee, gym, and video games complimentary, Internet, KTV and VIP room rental, cilliard, table tennis, and of course food all charged seperately.

Thaya Oriental泰雅东方水疗会所

Thaya Oriental SPA Club.jpg

It is new spa in Shekou which fashionable and traditional design element. The therapists have professional SPA technique and traditional oriental medical knowledge. The products come from top spa brands which extract from natural plants or seaweed. The spa services include Facial Treatment, Body Massage, Scrub, Wrap, Aromatic Bath, Essential Oil and Natural service.

Languifang SPA 兰桂坊水疗

Languifang SPA.jpg

Languifang is a multi award-winning day spa operator in Hong Kong with five prestigious locations. Our newest spa which opened in October 2009 in the exclusive Repulse Bay Arcade was voted the Best New Spa for 2009 in Hong Kong by TimeOut Magazine. We have three Central locations; our 5-story flagship spa in Lan Kwai Fong that, with it’s rooftop lounge, was awarded the Best Sparty venue by HK Magazine in 2010, and two boutique spas including the original Sense of Touch at Hollywood Road and our popular Arbuthnot Road spa. Our destination day spa in Discovery Bay completes our Hong Kong family, now in it’s 8th year of offering a sanctuary for the senses to Hong Kong’s busy urbanites!

Some famous Massage Parlors in Shenzhen:

San Yang Tang Massage三养堂筋络养生会所

San Yang Tang Massage.jpg

San Yang Tang Massage is the first professional Chinese traditional medical massage center in Shenzhen with luxury and delicate Chinese traditional decoration. According to Chinese traditional medical theory, humans, as the paragon of animals, is born with capacity to withstand sickness. However, once humans live without obeying the rules of nature, humans will lose it generally. As a result, people will get sick. Chinese traditional massage can help people remove pain and get back the capacity to withstand sickness. It has and obvious effect on treating sub-health and diseases that are hard to be treated by western medical science. By 30th April, members from Shenzhen Party can enjoy one free trial, which includes a whole-body meridians examination and meridians massage (worth RMB578)

Liangzi Massage良子健身

Liangzi Massage.jpg

The Liangzi Massage belong to a company which is a large-scale chained enterprise featured mainly by body fitness, health protection and leisure. The massage service here are quite professional and the environment is quiet. Per capita consumption is 100RMB.

Yuhetang Health Club御和堂养生馆

Yuhetang Health Club.jpg

The environment is tidy and makes you feel comfortable. Masseurs here are very professional. And the services are very thoughtful and warm. The price is reasonable. Per capita consumption is 100RMB. The Yuhetang Health Club must be one of the most enjoyable massage places you’ve ever met.

Shou Ji Wang Wellness Club手技王养生馆

Shou Ji Wang Wellness Club.jpg

The Sou Ji Wang Wellness Club is opened in 2005, and is supported by the institute of Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and massage. Featuring traditional Chinese massage, the Wellness Club will give you a great massage trip. Per capita consumption is 78RMB.

Old Zhang Foot Massage张老足底按摩

Old Zhang Foot Massage.jpg

The characteristics of old Zhang’s massage is the intensity of the strength, the long hours, having aching feeling. After years of study, old Zhang practices and forms his own unique style and by using holographic theory, he creats hand diagnosis, ear diagnosis, and forms a kind of holographic therapy with hand, foot, ear trinity. Per capita consumption of 80 yuan.

Some Famous Sauna Centers in Shenzhen

Shenzhen Lotus Sauna Center深圳芙蓉桑拿中心

Shenzhen Lotus Sauna Center.jpg

Lotus Sauna center is located in Lotus Hotel and it has the large supporting services, it has the elegant and comfortable environment which is designed by experts. New high-grade facilities and humanized service will make you feel very comfortable, you can enjoy the happy time in this sauna center. Lotus Hotel has a small market and laundry room to provide dry, wet laundry service for guests. Business center provides typing, photocopying, fax, international and domestic long-distance calls and air tickets, train tickets booking service. The massage girls in this sauna club are also very beautiful and professional.

Leduhui Sauna乐都汇

Leduhui Sauna.jpg

Leduhui Sauna is one of the most popular Sauna in Shenzhen which is located in Shenzhen Guangna Business Hotels, it a typical Shenzhen Sauna center. The place is easy to find because the transportation around there is very convenient. In general, this is a motel standard and some rooms are quite shabby. The Sauna is located at the back of the hotel which either you take a lift or walk with the stairs. Level 2 is a Tea House and level 3 will be the Sauna. This is also one place where they only entertain foreigners which most of the time are Hongkongese. They do not receive the mainland people generally. If you are the first time, either regulars have to bring you there if not you have to call and show your passport there.

D Sauna Club德仕堡国际会所

D Sauna Club.jpg

D-Club SPA includes such extractive health care and fitness items as Castle, SPA, Whole Body, Lobby, etc, and has the women’s SPA pools and women’s special aroma area with nice design and complete function, allowing you to enjoy physical and mental relax brought by various baths in a free space belonging to you. Together with reasonable sports services and healthy food and beverage, it provides your business activities, salon and companionship, fitness and recreation, food and entertainment, tourism and holiday and health care with all-in-one and complete extractive services.

Oriental Athens Club东方雅典水疗俱乐部

Oriental Athens Club.jpg

Oriental Athens international hotel located in shenzhen nanshan district, the geographical position is superior. Only ten minutes from shekou wharf, dahuang port; The traffic is very convenient. It cost about one hundred million yuan to build, business area is nearly 20000 square meters. It invited a famous overseas designers and decoration engineering company to create the modern five-star standard design and decoration. It is a collection of business rooms, sauna, SPA, Chinese and western cuisine, chess, karaoke, tea art, Internet cafes, recreation, fitness, beauty salon, business center.

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