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In Shanghai, getting a foot massage in massage spas or center has become a popular activity among citizens. People are searching for all kinds of ways to escape from the busy life and have a rest. Good foot massage or other kind of massage will improve the blood circling all around the body. You can image that after a day of busy trips, you can let your legs, arms, joints, head and every part of the body to enjoy a foot massage in Shanghai. By foot massage and sauna in Shanghai you can not only get a relax body but also get a delight and leisure mood. The following are some famous Foot massage spa or center which can provide you an relaxing enjoyment.


He Zhong Tang Foot Massage(和中堂足部按摩)

Massage Club is a professional foot massage center receiving traditional health care and therapeutic method through foot echo. It using the herbal medicine to wash foot, witch has medical function. Massage Club has gained good reputation among citizens and is now developed into an authentic health care brand. there are many branches in Shanghai, for more information, you can click the Happy Massage.

Evian Spa-Foot Massage(依云水疗中心)

It is an oasis of bliss in the hustle and bustle of Shanghai city. The clean, modern Evian Spa at the Three on the Bund, brings French spa techniques to town. The sky-high atrium at the entrance makes you feel light immediately, but the massages are even better. Prior to any massage, take a Color Hydrotherapy Underwater bath, where the water jets are programmed to hit the right spots while the underwater lights work on you psyche, leaving you refreshed and ready for more. Then choose from a range of Oriental or International massages. Another advantage is its location, after an invigorating massage, head to the many restaurants like Whampao Club for a fine Shanghai meal.

Congen [Kangjun] Massage(康俊推拿足道)

Congen has broom-closet rooms, a brown-on-brown color scheme and a 45-minute hour. That said, staff are organized, friendly and sensitive, practitioners dwell on the tight spots and respond well to your incomprehensible grunting. The price is cheap to moderate. Price: The Royal Treatment (RMB 278), a 90-minute oil massage that covers head, feet and everything in between -- though some swear the hour-long ear massage (RMB 146) will cure all that ails you.

Shanghai Taipan Spa(东方大班)

The SPA is Thai-style massage center, the spa offers services ranging from 68 yuan to 388 yuan. These include treatments such as ear candling, Chinese-style pedicures, foot reflexology, full body massage, foot massage, Thai oil massage and hard rock massage. The rooms for foot massage and full-body massage are equipped with a flat screen TV with DVD player attached. It's a major hit amongst business folk in the city - watching your favorite movie while having free food, drink and dessert. The spa business is extremely busy after 4pm everyday, so make a reservation for your pampering.

Dragonfly Foot Massage(悠庭保健会所胶州店)

Dragonfly keeps it real. Prices were reasonable for our first-rate aroma oil massage (RMB 252 for an hour), which was served with a smile and a cup of tea. Though is it too much to ask for a lounger on which to enjoy it. The price is a little expensive Price: The 120-minute Give It to Me One More Time massage (RMB 530), which includes an hour-long aromatherapy massage, plus an hour of foot, head or shoulder massage -- by four hands no less. There are many branches of this massage club, you can click Happy Massage for more other information.

Yilin Blind Massage(艺林盲人按摩)

This is a massage house you can find a lot of braches of which in Shanghai. Ambience there is simple not in unique style and luxury, but is very clean and tidy. Service persons there are trained blindman massage therapists. Serves there are massages from head to foot and foot massage. Foot massage has the functions of cure lumbar muscles straining, sciatica, neck illness and eliminate tiredness. Price there is reasonable.

Sunny Massage(晴之语)

The rooms were frosty, employees were barking down their phones in the corridor (then clearing their throats) and the guy performing our Aroma Oil Massage (RMB 218) was outside with his buddies having a smoke before we could pull up our pants. A hot-towel rubdown that should have brought goodwill just made us colder. The price is cheap for most people.


The space of this Spa is spacious, transparent, you can lie in a bathtub and drink tea from inside to outside, you can recover from fatigue by using our foot massage service. The skills of massage therapists is very good, when you finish the massage, you can enjoy delicious white fungus soup.

SkinCity 5.5 Foot Spa(城市五.五)

Opened by an American behind an expat-friendly hotel, this urban chic spa promises international standards and techniques with their body massages and facials. It uses Babor products from Germany, a 50-year-old brand known for its natural ingredients, for their treatments. Facilities boast six private treatment areas, including two VIP suites with deluxe steam rooms, which spa members can use at no extra cost.

Bamboo7 Massage(Da Gu)康友四季保健会所(大沽店)

It’s on the opposite end of the block from Taipan and, from its sorry veneer paneling, it might seem a mile away from Taipan’s successful formula. The full-body session exceeded the 60-minute time limit and left us smiling for the rest of the day.

Ganzhi Blindman Massage(Guoquan Road)(感智盲人保健会所(国权路店))

Shanghai Ganzhi blind massage health club is located in the central business district, the club professional massage technician is trained in massage school, since the opening, it has been popular with the attitude of enthusiasm, bright and cheerful disposition, it is dedicated to provide massage health care services to the public. Now, this health club has developed into a set of massage, foot bath, beauty SPA, sweat evaporate in the integration of multi-functional leisure clubs. The massage therapists are professional, they will ask the guest's need to increase the strength and so on, the environment is generally quiet and warm, but the place also is not big, no parking. there are many branches of this massage parlor, you can click Happy Massage for more other information.

Tian Zu Palace(天足宫)

TianZu palace insists on training high quality technician, insist to use natural rose oil massage care, insist on using the daily fresh roses massage feet water, adhere to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to the customer, sticking to a healthy proportion of high-quality dessert. The service is in place and the environment is very elegant and quiet, give a person fully relaxing feeling. The management is strict and formal. Massage skill is also very professional.

Zhuguofan Liangzi Massage(朱国凡良子)

The shop is located in Pudong area, because the shop is inside of the building, so it may be not very easy to find it, but when you step into it , you will find that its atmosphere is really very nice. When opening the shop in each aisle at the gate of a waiter, the waiters’ service is very good, the manager is very enthusiasm, the will take you into the shop and give water, the massage therapists’ technology is very professional, they can perform the massage very considerately. They use the acupuncture point is also very accurate, when you finish the massage ,you will feel much more comfortable.

Jing Ting Blind Health Massage(敬亭盲人保健按摩)

Shanghai JingTing blind massage parlor is composed of excellent blind massage therapists from all parts of the country, over the years, this massage parlors has created a fair price, clean environment, superb technology to serve for the customers. The professional technology, comfortable environment has attracted a lot of people to come to enjoy. The price is not expensive, the average price is 58rmb.

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