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Sensy balls are soft, tactile, sensory balls that are covered in little nerve-stimulating bumps. They are used for improving balance, coordination, and of course for tactile stimulation.

Sensy balls are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Sizes range from small four inch balls to gigantic 39 inch balls. The smaller balls usually come in sets of two, while the larger sizes are sold separately. The main color of the sensy balls seems to be yellow, but they are available in other colors as well, such as green or red.


They are made of soft PVC foam and need to be inflated just like any other rubber ball. A simple bicycle pump or a low pressure air pump will do the job. Since they are made out of foam, they are much softer than other exercise and reflex balls, which make them ideal for self-massage.

Delivering a self-massage using a sensy ball is very easy. All you have to do is roll the targeted body part over the ball, by either rolling your body on top of the ball, or using your hands to control the massage. The ball can be used for the legs, arms, back, neck, and other areas. The tactile surface of the ball feels great on the body and delivers a gentle, relaxing massage. Sensy balls are even used by massage therapists to help relieve sore muscles.

The sensy ball works by the principles of reflexology, which is based on the idea that certain pressure points of the body are connected with particular body parts. By stimulating these pressure points, the corresponding areas of the body feel healthier, relaxed, and free of pain. The sensy ball was originally designed to aid in massage therapy, hand therapy, reflexology, and relaxation exercises.

The small balls are typically used just for massage, as they can be rolled around in your hands or applied to various parts of the body. The really large balls can be incorporated into various exercise programs that require a workout ball. Ball therapy, vestibular reinforcement, and balance training can all use the large sensy ball as well.

The sensy balls also make great tactile toys. The bumps make it easy for children to catch and hold onto, and they can be quite bouncy. They are a good therapy tool for children who do not like physical contact. Babies generally love being massaged by their parents, however children who are shy of physical contact will grow to love the feel and massage qualities of the sensy ball, and overtime their tactile system becomes trained to enjoy and pursue touch and physical contact with others. Thus, they are helpful to children during their developmental stages and research has shown that children love them.

Sensy balls make a great addition to anyone’s exercise program. You and your whole family will enjoy the sensy balls, including the kids.

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