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Save Your Hands!ⓇThe Complete Guide to Injury Prevention and Ergonomics for Manual Therapists, 2nd Edition

By Lauriann Greene, CEAS and Richard W. Goggins, CPE, LMP

With contributions by Janet M. Peterson, PT, DPT, and Foreword by Ben E. Benjamin, PhD.

The physically demanding work manual therapists do puts them at risk for musculoskeletal injury. But injury is not inevitable. Save Your Hands! 2nd Edition gives manual therapists the proven injury prevention and ergonomics strategies and tips they need to protect their health and prolong their careers. Whether you are a student or an experienced practitioner, this indispensable guide will help you save not only your hands, but also your back, neck, shoulders and emotional well-being throughout a long, healthy career.

In an accessible, richly-illustrated format, Save Your Hands! 2nd Edition shows you how to:

  • Design your treatment space so you can work safely and efficiently
  • Find alternative techniques to protect vulnerable parts of your body
  • Improve body mechanics to reduce stress and increase comfort as you work
  • Stay in shape with a full physical conditioning program developed specifically for manual therapists
  • Recognize early symptoms and address them effectively before they lead to injury.

In Save Your Hands!, you’ll find a positive, holistic approach to injury prevention, with scores of practical tips and real-life suggestions you can use every day to increase your comfort and safety on the job and prolong your career. What’s more, you’ll enhance your practice by learning how to use the principles of ergonomics to more effectively treat your clients’ musculoskeletal symptoms and injuries. Save Your Hands! is required or recommended reading at schools across the US, Canada and worldwide, and has been the leading self-care book for manual therapists for over 15 years.

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