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What is Sauna Bull Demon(桑拿牛魔王)?

The most classic configuration in Sauna room is Sauna Bull Demon. Sauna Bull Demon is an new appeal furniture which is designed in hotel rooms, it is really very popular in China today, the appeal furniture is beautiful, the visual sense is also very good, it can make people increase love feeling. Let her/him under the tight bound to accept your loving, no place to escape, it can stimulate lust. It is necessary for SM fans. However, it is important to note his/her feelings when using it, don't forget consider the security of your partner

桑拿牛魔王 副本.jpg

The General Information

  • General Specification: 1150×750×1800mm
  • General Color: Red
  • General Price: 1860rmb

The five major advantages of this kind Sauna chair

桑拿牛魔王AM-201 副本.jpg
  1. New: the concept of entry-level Japanese bondage new, it is really fashionable .
  2. Rich: there are great variety, full integration of the various types of services, there are nine classic action you can use by this chair.
  3. It is generous: the overall profile is generous, the throne momentum is sweeping.
  4. It is reliable: workmanship is exquisite, appearance is beautiful, experience is comfortable.
  5. It is convenient, key components are free to demolish, the cover is small.
  6. To simplify, to uncover the essence, for sex and for full compliance with the human body proportion .Security no time, durable, beautiful .With demonstration pictures, illustrations, easy to grasp the essentials of Beginners .
  7. Using this sauna chair, the love can easily create high tide, enjoy the new stimulus.

The Benefits of Sauna Bull Demon:

Unique design enables you to show a charming and beautiful devil figure, showing you the charm, so you release the charm .Sex in the chair, not only look good, love can look at the whole process interesting and stimulate fresh one: If the penis in the vagina twitching and out, when the female orgasm vaginal rhythmic contraction, Ai Ye secretion, ejaculation man situations such as this point can cause a number of male and female couples are welcomed and loved, is the hotel, sauna and other recreation sites profitable new weapons .

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