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Russian massage also known as Russian sports massage is a form of therapeutic massage developed for the treatment of injuries. The therapy is usually used by athletes and individuals who suffered injuries from strenuous activities. The therapy may also be used as a relaxing and luxurious pastime for individuals with or without health issues although it can be quite painful due to the deep therapeutic techniques used.

As it goes with nations around the world, Russia itself is rich in traditional medicine such as this alternative medical care method. Massage practitioners in Russia associate massage therapy with herbal medicines, diet, meditation and many other factors essential for the treatment of an unhealthy person. Twigging is a technique used in traditional massage therapy where a soft dried branch is used on the patient. The massage therapist uses the twig to gently strike the patient during the therapy and ends by using it to massage the body.

Russian massage is usually used and associated in any medical practices which make it important for the doctors and physicians to prescribe it as a part of the healing therapy. After every checkup or treatment, the patient needs a follow up of this therapy. Although this therapy was popular and commonly used in Russia, it was never as popular as Swedish massage, or any other common types of massage.

Russian massage therapy uses massage strokes and techniques that are much similar with that of Swedish massage. Massage therapists practicing this therapy uses effleurage, petrissage, vibration, and friction on the body of the patient although in a concentrated area which makes it different from Swedish massage. Regardless of the similarity or contrast in style and technique, both share the same objective of healing the body, addressing dysfunctions and improving the parts that were injured.

In a Russian massage therapy session, the duration depends on the medical needs of the client instead of following a standard time for the therapy. The session can end from 15 minutes to an hour based on the massage therapist’s assessment. During the therapy, the patient is laid down comfortably on a massage table while the therapist begins on working the body with slow and gentle strokes. These techniques are essential and helpful in relaxing and loosening up tight muscles that causes pain. This process also opens up the body in preparation for the deep therapeutic massage for the treatment of injuries. The massage therapist then refocuses his or her treatment on the deep tissues by manipulating the muscles, especially on the problem areas. This process helps in the repair and healing of sports related injuries or any common injury. As the therapy session comes to an end, the masseuse finishes with soft, soothing bodywork to make the body become more relaxed and calm.

After getting a Russian massage therapy, a patient can expect benefits from the treatment of certain conditions including arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, constipation, sprains, TMJ, spastic colon and many more. It is also used to treat common ailments and various disorders including musculoskeletal problems, cardiovascular disorders, intestinal problems, and other problems and imbalances in the human body.

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