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Rosehips are the bulbs, or fruits, that form at the base of roses. Oil cold-pressed from rosehips has healing properties for the skin and can also be used for treating constipation, hot flashes and inflammation. It is rich in Vitamin C and helps add elasticity to the skin. Rosehip oil also has regenerative properties.

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Rose Hip Oil As A Skin Rehydrator

The most effective way to benefit from Rose Hip Oil is by using it as a skin re-hydrator. As we age, oil glands diminish in size. People produce 10 times more oil at age 25 than at age 50. This condition is aggravated by climactic and environmental conditions such as dryness and air toxicity. Due to a lack of oil and depleted moisture, the skin starts to deteriorate. Rose Hip Oil, with its high absorbing level, penetrates the skin almost instantly to restore this needed moisture balance.

RoseHip Oil For Hair Care

Applied as a hot oil treatment for brittle, damaged hair, or massaged into dry or flaking areas of the skin or scalp, Rose Hip Oil goes to work instantly to improve texture and help promote healing. Dermatologist tested, its mild pH (around 5.1) makes it ideal for direct application to the hair, scalp and skin. Rose Hip Oil has been scientifically tested for quality and performance, it is easy to use and an affordable alternative to cosmetic products.

Rose Hip Oil To Fight the Effects of Photo-Aging

This condition represents the best opportunity for Rose Hip Oil. Aging, when related to skin, can be divided into two processes: intrinsic and photo-aging. Intrinsic refers to endogenous and genetic factors which are almost impossible to halt or to reverse. Photo-aging refers to the multiple adverse effects on all parts of the skin induced by excessive exposure to sun radiation. This condition is also called Dermotoheliosis and can be reversible. Light skinned persons who tan poorly are at the greatest risk for photo-damage. The signs of photo-aging may appear as early as the third of fourth decade of life in persons with repeated sun exposure. Photo-aging is characterized by wrinkled, yellowed, lax, rough, leathery, inelastic, and/or coarse skin with spotted hyper or hypo-pigmentation.

How to use RoseHip Oil

Massage the oil into the affected area with your fingertips until it is completely absorbed. If you use it during the day you must place a sunblocker on top. Rose Hip Oil applied twice a day every day for about three months reduces scar tissues, helps to prevent and reduce stretch marks, attenuates wrinkles & age spots. Anti-inflammatory, improves burned skin.

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