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Massage is not only therapeutic, rejuvenating our bodies and helping our well being, but can also help to improve blood flow and circulation. Hot stone rock massage therapy helps to loosen muscles even more than the classic massage, helping therapists to get deeper into the tissue. Studying hot rock massage therapy can help you to assist people and help to enhance their lives.


Massage training classes are offered in a variety of places. Research hot massage rock therapy training by calling massage schools or asking therapists at your local spas where they suggest you train. Most massage schools teach hot rock massage as part of their certification program. Classes and certification for rock massage can be done over two to three days, usually in the form of an intensive weekend training session. You will also need to purchase your own stones or rocks, the heater and any massage oils.


Training to be a rock massage therapist or hot stone massage therapist is considered continuing education as a certified massage therapist. If you are not already certified to be a massage therapist, you will need to proceed with completing that certification. Find a school in your area where you can take classes and use the rock massage therapy as an elective so you will be ready to graduate and begin your new career once fully certified.


Massage therapy requires someone that can communicate well, that is comfortable with working quietly and accepts all body types. According to Spa Beauty Education, massage therapists of all types can "look forward to a 19 percent job growth rate through 2018," according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The need for massage therapist of all kinds, Rock Massage Therapists to Swedish trained, is growing at a rapid rate.

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