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There are different kinds of massages – ayurvedic massage, Shiatsu, Swedish massage, aromatherapy. The list goes on and on. These feature different techniques of kneading, gliding and rubbing. However, one thing these massage techniques have in common is that they make use of massage oils.

It is important to apply massage oils when doing your treatment, as these serve as lubricants to facilitate the movement of the hands and other massage implements over the skin. But massage oils also work together with the massage to give a sense of relaxation and peace. These massage oils are made from extracts of medicinal plants that also heal, moisturize, and nourish the skin – the largest organ in your body. And, depending on the kind of massage oil you choose, you can enjoy additional benefits such as relief for muscle aches and pains, smoother skin, a relaxed or alert mind.

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Here are some of the massage oils that you can use to relax. These can be blended or used by themselves.

Cedarwood Massage Oil
The smell is reminiscent of pencils and a bit of sandalwood. It is believed to be effective by providing harmony to the senses, making you feel “balanced”. It helps to keep one calm and at peace. Not only that, it has the added benefit of being able to heal infections in the urinary tract, promote healing to the kidney and bladder, as well as rid the respiratory system of phlegm.
Chamomile Massage Oil
The oil has a great calming effect, especially for those who are feeling irritated and disagreeable. There are basically three kinds of chamomile – German, Roman and Moroccan. Roman chamomile is the one that effectively soothes – it does this by providing you with a more balanced nervous system. That is why chamomile is used for those who have PMS, as well as babies who need calming down. Chamomile is also useful for headaches, stress, insect bites and depression.
Sandalwood Massage Oil
This oil also harmonizes the senses and is useful for helping people deal with stress, fatigue and chronic illness. Sandalwood is also beneficial to those who are suffering from urinary tract infections, cough, sore throat, asthma and bronchitis.
Lavender Massage Oil
Not only does this oil smell sweet and great, it is also so calming that people put some drops of lavender and bundles of the dried leaves onto their pillow to help them fall asleep. It is a powerful antidepressant and a whiff of lavender can help to calm those frazzled nerves.
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