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Foot reflexology tools are designed to stimulate the reflex points of usually the feet, and sometimes the hands and ears as well. Reflexology is a traditional therapy based on the idea of applying pressure to the various reflex points in the foot which correspond to other areas of the body. You can bring relief to certain areas of the body by massaging their correspond pressure points in the foot. Reflexology treatment is used to increase blood circulation, relieve muscle tensions, and promote relaxation.

One of the easiest ways to stimulate and relax the reflex points in the foot is by hand. Having a therapist trained in reflexology, or even having a friend with some knowledge of the technique, massage your feet is the best way to experience the pleasures and benefits that come with this form of foot therapy. A therapist or partner can apply pressure to the known reflex points of the foot using their thumbs, by following a reflexology foot chart.

Foot reflexology tools usually come in the form of a foot roller. The more advanced reflexology foot roller systems involve a whole foot platform of many horizontal rollers. The rollers each contain many raised bumps that provide acupressure and reflex point stimulation. They are low maintenance and easy to use. All you have to do is place your feet on the rollers and roll them up and down. The rollers are made of a durable yet gentle material in order to achieve sufficient pressure to the feet without causing further pain or injury. These reflexology roller beds can be placed anywhere and used anytime. Some people use them at work - just place the platform under your desk and roll your feet away as you work.

Other foot reflexology tools are designed as a single roller. These rollers are typically wooden and contain two rounded ends so that they easily roll on the floor or on other surfaces. The middle of the rollers has a raised, ribbed pattern to stimulate the reflex points of your feet. They only massage one foot at a time, unless your purchase two of them. They are also easy to use, just place your foot onto the tool and roll your foot using a comfortable amount of pressure. Reflexology works because just like the hands, the feet contain very many nerve endings. The reflex roller is designed to stimulate these nerve endings while breaking up and eliminating toughened deposits. Once this is achieved, a healthy flow of energy and nutrients is once again restored which will benefit the feet and the entire body.

Foot massagers are a great way to eliminate tired, sore feet and body stress. Foot reflexology tools increase circulation and stimulate reflex points, which make the whole body feel better.

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