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Reflexology mats are based on the principles of foot reflexology. The mats are designed to stimulate the pressure points of the feet to promote good health and general well-being.

Reflexology mats are made of a non-slip fabric so that you can walk around on it without having to worry about it bunching up. The top of the mat is covered in hundreds of small raised, colorful bumps that are made out of a durable, yet soft, rubber. The bumps are designed to stimulate the pressure points of your feet to release toxins from the body and eliminate stress and fatigue. Overtime, the mats also improve balance, help with foot and ankle weakness, and relieve back tension.

Each pressure point is related to a specific body part. However, since the reflexology mat targets all of the pressure points on the feet, the whole body will benefit from the experience. The reflexology mat stimulates energy flow and works to rebalance the flow of energy throughout the body.


An alternative version to the reflexology mat is a cobblestone mat. These mats are designed to simulate the feeling of actual cobblestone walkways. Cobblestone walking is an ancient Chinese tradition that has been practiced for over thousands of years. In fact, the parks of China contain many of these cobblestone pathways because of the related health benefits that people gain from walking on them in their bare feet.

The cobblestone paths have positive benefits on the body because they are a form of reflexology treatment. Cobblestone walking has been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve physical functioning and mobility, and improve the overall health of the elderly. It is an effective, alternative, therapeutic exercise, and the cobblestone mats produce similar effects.

The mats are made of a soft rubber material with simulated cobblestones placed all across the top of the mat. The mat is available in two sizes: large and small. The large mat is good for walking in your home, while the smaller mats fit well under your work desk. The cobblestones are quite large and so walking across the mat may feel somewhat uncomfortable at first. But stick it out, because the results are worth it. The cobblestone mats, as well as the reflexology mats, roll up for easy storage and transportation.

Reflexology mats have various positive effects on your health and on your body in general. Reflexology charts, gloves and socks are also available for those interested in the ancient healing art. It doesn’t take a lot of time either to start seeing results. All that’s needed is a simple, daily walk on the mat to start feeling better.

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