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Reflexology gloves are designed to aid in the ancient art of reflexology. Reflexology is performed on the hands and feet of individuals because these areas of the body contain many nerve endings and are covered in pressure points. Each pressure point of the hand is said to be associated with a corresponding body part. So when that specific pressure point is stimulated, you are promoting the health of that corresponding area of the body. It’s like having control over the health of your body in the palm of your hand.

The gloves are specially designed to help those who are learning about hand reflexology. You simply slip the gloves over your hands and have someone deliver the relaxing, reflexology massage. They kind of look like a pair of magicians gloves except that on the outside of the gloves there is a chart illustrating the various pressure regions of the hands and their corresponding body parts. The gloves are colored which helps the person delivering the massage to easily distinguish between the different regions of the hand. Also, the body part labels are clear and easy to read so there is no need to stop and get out a magnifying glass during the massage. Both sides of the gloves are fully labeled, so don't forget to massage both sides of the hands.

The reflexology gloves come as a pair, each one being fully labeled. The pressure regions of the left and right hands are not identical so it is important to pay attention to each specific hand during the massage.


The gloves make it easy for anyone to be able to deliver a reflexology hand massage. All they have to do is follow the diagram on the gloves. If the person receiving the massage has neck problems, then the area on the gloves labeled “neck” can be massaged. By applying deep pressure with the thumbs and fingers to the various pressure points, the body will begin to feel better overall.

Usually the gloves are only available as one-size-fits-all. They are made of a comfortable cotton-stretch blend so that they will shape to fit a variety of hand sizes. It may feel a bit weird at first to wear gloves while receiving a hand massage, but most people get used to it and realize just how wonderful a hand massage really feels. Heated massage gloves don’t offer the benefits of reflexology, but they are a nice treat for tired hands and fingers.

Reflexology pressure therapy helps to relieve pain from areas all over the body. Best of all, a hand massage is very relaxing and feels absolutely amazing. You can end the massage by removing the reflexology glove and applying a rich, fragrant moisturizer as a finishing touch.

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