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A pressure pointer is a self-massaging tool for your back that takes the power of massage out of your hands. Instead, the pressure pointer is operated by your own feet so you no longer need to worry about using sore hands that tend to tire out towards the end of a massage. The pressure pointer allows you to deliver strong, constant pressure right through to the end.

The pressure pointer is a large, somewhat S-shaped cane that is adjusted to stretch the length of your body when seated. It has two hooks on either end of the cane. The bottom hook is smaller and is where you place your foot to control the device. The top hook is much larger and wraps around your head or shoulder to reach your back. This hook is obviously much more curved then the bottom which is flatter for your foot. On the end of the top hook is a round pressure ball that is pressed into the back to deliver the massage.

The pressure pointer is fully adjustable to work for a variety of heights, and has a foam comfort grip handle. The massage device comes with a number of interchangeable massage heads for your specific massage needs. Some heads provide targeted pressure to specific areas of the body, while others provide a broader, rolling pressure to cover larger areas of the body. Also included is an instructions guide on how to use your pressure pointer and to show you where the various trigger points of the back and neck are located.

To deliver the self-massage you start out by becoming seated, without leaning your back against anything because the tool needs space to move. You then place the large hook of the device over your shoulder and position it against your back, and the smaller end gets hooked around your foot. To apply the massage, all you have to do is extend your foot or apply slight foot pressure which will cause the tool to apply pressure to your back. You can apply as little or as much pressure as you like. Using foot power is much more effective because it allows the upper body muscles to remain relaxed during the massage. Using your feet also lets you deliver a longer massage without getting tired.

The pressure pointer is based on trigger point massage therapy. The idea is to apply pressure to the various pressure points of the body to eliminate pain symptoms that are associated with that specific trigger point. Trigger point therapy can help to relieve muscle tension and pressure, improve circulation, and increase energy levels. It doesn’t just provide temporary relief, but actually tackles pain right at the cause, and helps to eliminate it for good.

The pressure pointer is a great self-massage tool for delivering trigger point therapy to your own back muscles. It easily finds all those hard to reach places and offers pain relief for good. Other tools require the use of your arms, which means that you are using the muscles that you are trying to massage. The pressure pointer is unique in that it relies on leg power to deliver a firm, continual massage, while your targeted back muscles stay relaxed.

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