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A portable massage table is essential for taking your massage treatments to your clients -instead of expecting them to constantly come to you.

Massage therapy is basically the hands-on manipulation of your clients' soft tissue and joints. Even though the client is lying down and relaxed during their massage, the massage therapist is moving from one end of the table to the other and around their client's body.

A portable massage table can make giving a massage that much easier because it's light weight and can be set up differently for each individual client. Rigid massage tables are heavy and hard for a therapist to move and alter positions on their own. With a lightweight portable massage table, the location and table position can be altered with ease.

Portable massage tables are similar in design to rigid massage tables. They have a pair of legs at each end of the table, but two pairs of recessed legs provide a centre foundation where the portable table bends. The extra support at the table's center doesn't hinder its mobility, but can supports clients of up to 300 kilograms.

Portable massage tables are so convenient because of their lightweight aluminum frames. But just because aluminum is lightweight it doesn't mean it's not strong. In fact, portable massage tables are just as durable and sturdy as rigid massage tables. Plus their foam-cushioning offers just as much comfort.

Portable massage tables come in custom sizes, with adjustable heights and backrests. They also offer face cradles, foam cushioning, shoulder recesses and many come with a matching compact carrying case.

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