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Polarity massage therapy is a holistic form of medicine that uses energy-based bodywork alongside exercise, diet and lifestyle counseling in order to restore the person back to their true state of health.

Like many eastern healing traditions, its concepts are based upon a life energy that flows between positive and negative poles within the body. It is said that when the flow is disrupted, the cause may be a blockage and as a result pain, illness and other effects of other diseases may be felt.

How does it work? The body is regarded as a system of electromagnetic energy fields in which the pull of opposing positive and negative poles keeps 'life energy' in constant motion through a neutral field.The head and right side of the body represents the positive pole and the feet and left side the negative pole. The centre of the body, along the spinal cord, is neutral and contains five 'energy centres' that correspond to the chakras of Ayurvedic medicine. Polarity massage therapy claims to work on many different levels, influencing the nervous, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, gynaecological and digestive systems, as well as mental and emotional health. It is also said to operate at an 'etheric' or 'subtle' level of energy to enhance spiritual well-being.

Purpose Polarity massage therapy unblocks and recharges the flow of life energy and realigns unbalanced energy as a means of eliminating disease. Patients learn to release tension by addressing the source of the stress and by maintaining a healthy demeanor accordingly.

This treatment may be effective to promote health and healing to anyone willing to embrace the appropriate lifestyle. Polarity therapy is reportedly effective for anyone who has been exposed to toxic poisons. Likewise, HIV-positive individuals may find comfort in polarity therapy. Additionally this is an appropriate therapy for relieving general stress, back pain, stomach cramps, and other recurring maladies and conditions.

Preparations Therapists take a comprehensive case history from every patient prior to beginning treatment. This preliminary verbal examination often monopolizes the first therapy session. Depending upon circumstances, a therapist might have a need to assess the patient's physical structural balance through observation and physical examination.

Precautions Polarity therapy is safe for virtually anyone, even the elderly and the most frail patients, because of the intrinsic gentleness of the massage therapy. Side effects Highly emotional releases of energy (laughter, tears, or a combination of both) are associated with this therapy.

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