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Peanut oil, made from the legumes of the peanut plant, is a vegetable oil high in good monounsaturated fat and low in bad saturated fat. Peanut oil is also a popular choice for massage servce. Peanut oil is always used in aromatherapy and is quite popular because of its light nutty aroma. When used in combination with fresh lime juice, it works wonders in protecting the skin from ugly acne marks and black heads. So, body massage with peanut oil can be a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Peanut Oil.jpg


pale yellow
protein, vitamin B and niacin, minerals, Anti-inflammatory, Thick. Smells like peanuts.

Uses and bebefits:

  1. Peanut oil can be beneficial in lowering cholesterol, preventing heart disease, decreasing appetite, soothing joint pain and moisturizing skin.
  2. Check to see if client is allergic to peanuts
  3. Good for all skin types
  4. Especially dry skin
  5. Use for bursitis, arthritis


Unrefined peanut oil can pose serious health risks for those with peanut allergies.

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