Note Points and Questions for Getting a Massage

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Ten Questions You May Need to Ask for a Massage:

  1. Are you certified to practice massage?
  2. How long have you been practicing?
  3. What types of massage do you specialize in?
  4. What types of massage do you recommend for my condition?
  5. How many massage sessions will I need for my condition?
  6. What kinds of oils or lotions do you use?
  7. Will there be any after-effects from the massage?
  8. Do I need to check with my medical doctor before having massage?
  9. How much does a massage cost?
  10. Can I claim this session on my medical insurance?

Note Points for Choosing a Massage Therapist and Getting a Good Massage:

  1. Checking whether your massage therapist is certified or is a member of an massage organization.
  2. After choosing a massage therapist, try to ask if he/she can offer a free 10-minute “test” massage because you should feel comfortable and relaxed with the therapist if you want to get a real massage.
  3. Some massage need to disrobe, maybe you will feel embarrassed, but it is very normal. You can choose to cover your body with a sheet or blanket for modesty and warmth.
  4. You should tell your therapist what parts of the body need to be focused on during the massage and immediately accommodates your requests for less or more intense pressure.
  5. You should ask for feedback regarding the quality of touch whether it’s too hard or too gentle.
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