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A neck massager is an electronic device that uses vibration to relax the muscles of the neck and shoulders. Typically shaped like a C-shaped pillow, the neck massager fits around the back and sides of the neck and underneath the head, resting on top of the shoulders, and helping to relax tense muscles. Another type of neck massager may be shaped like a wand, but this type is less common.

Neck massagers typically contain vibrating rollers that will target the muscles in the neck and shoulders. This type of massager is typically powered by AC electrical power, and must be plugged in; some massagers designed for travel, however, may have the option to be powered by batteries. The massager is typically covered with soft, cushioned fleece or another luxurious fabric to be comfortable and warm on the neck.


A neck massager will typically have varying speed and intensity options for the user to select. This can be helpful if the neck muscles are particularly strained or painful. In addition, some neck massagers feature the additional benefit of heat. The combination of heat and massage can be an excellent way to relax the whole body relieve tense muscles.

Another feature occasionally found on neck massagers is sound. The user may be able to choose from a number of different relaxing sounds, such as waves crashing or sounds of the forest. Most massagers feature a detachable or corded remote to switch heat levels, vibration intensity, or sound without having to turn around in the chair or take off the neck massager.

The use of a neck massager can be a great way to unwind after a long day, such as while reading a book or watching television. In addition to its benefits to the muscles of the neck and shoulder, a neck massager may also help relieve tension or stress headaches, as well as to help to relieve fatigue. For these reasons, neck massagers can make a great gift.

Though it may be tempting, do not take a neck massager that is powered by electricity into the tub; this could easily cause electrocution. Instead, use a neck pillow in a jetted tub, or a massager designed for safe use in the water. There are a number of accessories for a standard bathtub that add portable massaging jets; this can relax the whole body in addition to the neck, and the portable whirlpool system can be removed when the bath is over.

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