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Everyone is aware of the main purpose of shower mats - to prevent our feet from slipping and sliding out from underneath of us - but now massaging shower mats are doing more than just keeping those tootsies in place. They provide an invigorating massage to your feet as you move about in the shower.

The top of the shower mat is covered in variations of raised bumps and nodes. The section on the mats that has the raised bristles is there to clean and exfoliate your feet to remove dead, dry skin cells and increase blood circulation. This will leave your feet feeling smooth and looking considerably healthier.

The raised nodes of the shower mat gently stimulate the reflex and pressure points of your feet to deliver an amazing massage feeling. Pressure point stimulation allows for the reduction of stress and fatigue and an overall increase in the body’s energy flow.


Some of the massaging shower mats are based on the ancient Chinese tradition of shiatsu. With shiatsu shower massage mats the foot nodules have been bio-engineered to effectively stimulate the nerve endings of your feet and increase blood circulation, providing a massage that eliminates muscle tension. They are made of a soft rubber that flex and bend under your feet to stimulate all areas of the foot. The effects of shiatsu foot massage have been known to benefit the whole body.

The shiatsu body massage mats don’t have to be used just in the shower. You can take it to work and place it under your office desk for a quick pick-me-up massage during the day. They are also good for in front of the kitchen sink or any other place where you stand for extended periods of time.

The entire surface of the mats are cushioned and contoured to fit the form of the feet and to provide comfortable support while standing in the shower.

Just like any other bath mats, massage shower mats have suction cups on the bottom to preventing slipping and sliding. In the middle of the mats there are usually perforated holes so that the water will drain out of the grooves in the mat which prevents slipping, and means that the mat can be placed over a shower drain. Massage shower mats are made of an all natural rubber material that is supposed to resist the growth of mildew or mold.

Massaging shower mats are a great way to improve your safety and pleasure in the shower. Combine them with bath pillow massagers for an energizing start or finish to your day. The massaging shower mats may feel a little “ticklish” at first, but eventually it will begin to feel great and leave your body feeling tingly.

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