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The job of a massage therapist involves using manipulation and friction to stimulate the muscles and soft tissue of a person's body. The goal is to increase circulation and eliminate waste products form the region of the body that is being worked on. The other purpose of massage therapy is to reduce physical pain, help rehabilitate a person from injuries, relieve stress and promote an over all sense of wellness.

Massage therapists can help a patient recover from medical ailments. However, they most often are hired for the purpose of stress reduction. The job duties and requirements for a massage therapist who handles medical concerns is very different from one who helps patients heal from emotional pain. Therefore, each must receive different training and learn different techniques for treating patients.

Another fact to keep in mind is that there are almost 100 different types of therapies and techniques that are used in this field. Massage therapy jobs that involve the use of acupuncture, shiatsu massage, and reflexology are very different from techniques that involve deep tissue massage or Swedish massage. Typically, a massage therapist is trained in more that one area of service.

The type of massage therapy that a person needs will depend largely on his particular situation. A person with a wrist injury may need a different therapy than a person who has high blood pressure. The length of the massage can also vary. A session can last any where from a few minutes to a few hours. Again, it all depends on the patient's needs. Due to the variety of massage therapies that exist, the training for this profession and educational requirements also vary.

A massage therapist who is taking on a new client will first interview that person to get to know her, learn about her medical history, and purpose for seeking the services of a massage therapist. For this reason, it is important for a person who is interested in starting a career in this field to have good people skills. This means that the ideal candidate for this job should have good listening skills and have the ability to effectively communicate with their patients.

These skills are just as important as meeting the educational requirements for massage therapy. Communication skills are crucial in order to be able to effectively determine the needs of a patient and to properly address their health concerns.

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