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Massage stones are specialty massaging stones designed as tools to aid in the delivery of a relaxing, therapeutic massage. Massage stones come right from nature, and have their own natural healing abilities. This makes them perfect for energy work and massage therapy.

The massager stones have a smooth, shiny surface. This is because they have been tumbled, either naturally by the environment or by a tumbling machine, to remove any rough surfaces. They are then polished for a smooth, shiny finish.

The stone massagers are carved into various shaped massaging tools. Some of them are carved in the shape of a wishbone while others are designed to resemble the shape and feel of the human thumb. They are also made out of a variety of different natural stones, such as Chinese jade, Belgium black marble, jasper, quartzite, Italian white marble, and Travertine. Each one is completely beautiful and unique.

Stone massagers are designed to help anyone deliver an effective deep tissue massage. The tools are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and act as an extension of your own fingers. Stone massagers allow you to perform a continual deep tissue massage because they are completely versatile and do not tire out your hands.

The tools work great over clothing as they slide easily over fabric. This allows you to deliver effective seated or on-site massages. Stone massagers however can also be used on bare skin. They are smooth and polished so that they do not irritate your skin, and massage oils and lotions can also be added to the massage for a soothing, therapeutic effect.

Just like other hot stone therapy treatments, the stone massagers can be heated or cooled. The massager can be heated by placing it in warm water, or chilled by being placed in the freezer for a period of time. Hot stones work great on aches and pains and provide further relaxation to the deep tissue massage. Cold stone therapy is good for reducing inflamed joints and swelling.

The stone massagers can be used as a pressure pointer tool and aid in reflexology. You can apply as little or as much pressure as you like with the stone, and can apply targeted pressure to specific areas of the body.

Included with the massagers is information about the healing properties of the stones, and an instructional pamphlet for easy and effective use. In addition, they come in their own velvet carrying case.

They are elegant tools for professional massage therapists or amateurs. Stone massagers not only get the job done, but they are also very beautiful.

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