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Massage sandals is a true specific massage equipment because they massage your feet with each step you take. They are not like any other shoes you have before because they've been created by skilled therapists to stimulate and massage your feet as you walk.


They tackle sore feet right in the supply by preventing the discomfort from manifesting. They had been created by the principles of acupressure and reflexology from the feet. The idea is that via stimulation on the strain points in the feet, you can get rid of built-up harmful toxins, and motivate a healthy power flow through the complete body. They're also great for relieving the discomfort that comes with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and calluses.

The foot bed in the sandals is composed of three diverse layers. The prime layer is covered in hundreds of small, contoured, rubber nodules that supply a gentle massage for your feet as you walk. They're specially designed to stimulate the reflex and stress points of your feet. The EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) middle layer of the foot bed is soft and versatile to supply some cushion and flexibility to your step. The last layer is the powerful, slip-resistant bottom that offers good traction. The sandals are durable and entirely waterproof.

The pattern of nodules on the sandal is particularly shaped to let for your most air flow through the sandals. This assists to maintain your feet dry and cool all day lengthy.

The sandals are really light excess weight and flexible. They might really feel relatively unpleasant when you 1st commence wearing them, but overtime they begin to contour and type to the form of the feet and grow to be very comfy.

The comfy straps are fully adjustable so they can match any foot dimension. The real sandal can also be obtainable within a number of sizes to fit different foot lengths. You will find a couple color options for the massage sandals, but usually they're just obtainable in black or beige.

They are excellent for your seaside, the gym, or just wearing them around home. The massage sandals are like having an individual masseuse massaging your tootsies all day extended.

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