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There is nothing better than the feeling of having a thoroughly relaxing massage. It invigorates the mind and gives a sense of serenity and well-being. Much of this is thanks to the massage oil that you use. It’s key that you choose the massage oil that works best for you. You can try single oils and blended ones. There is virtually a whole collection of oils and below are some of the oils that we recommend you check out.


Sweet Almond Oil

This sweet smelling massage oil glides smoothly and is easily absorbed by the skin. Extracted from the almond tree’s dried kernels, it is quite useful in soothing and softening tired skin. Its ability to help the skin absorb moisture makes it a useful moisturizer and carrier oil for other kinds of massage oils. The sweet almond oil also provides relief from muscle pain, as well as skin inflammation and irritation. It may not be for those who are allergic to nuts, though.

Apricot Kernel Oil

It is smooth and fine textured and makes for a good carrier oil. It is rich in Vitamin E, as well as poly-unsaturated fatty acids. This kind of oil works great for sensitive skin, as well as mature and dry skin, especially the face. It leaves no greasy feelings since it easily gets absorbed by the skin. Although this is a bit more expensive than sweet almond oil, it certainly is worth it, since it lasts longer than other oils that tend to become rancid quickly. And since it is not nut-based, it is a great alternative to almond oil for those who are allergic to nuts.

Jojoba Oil

Pronounced as ho-ho-ba, it is actually a wax and not an oil. It is extracted from the jojoba seeds and is proven as an effective moisturizer. It works the same way as your skin’s sebum or oil. It works to declog your skin’s pores and cleanse your face and skin from dirt and grime that is wedged into the skin. Jojoba oil is a popular ingredient for shampoo, hair care products and skin products. However, it is more expensive but the good thing about it is that a little of this goes a long way.

Grape Seed Oil

Light and quickly absorbed by the skin, it works as an excellent skin toner and is used for skin problems such as acne. It is infused with essential fatty acids that our cell membranes and skin need. Grape seed massage oil also makes a great moisturizer. These are just four of the more popular massage oils. Do give these a try – we are sure you will appreciate what these can do for you.

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