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Life is an eclectic mix of failures, successes and many other life events. Learning how to handle all these situations and not give in to stress or depression will be a important target during everyone’s life. A variety of tools like massage, music and even exercise may help you overcome some of these difficulties.

However, sometimes depression can really catch us unawares, even at happy occasions like the birth of a child, it is known as baby blues or postpartum blues, and tends to vanish soon. This depression may manifest itself in symptoms like insomnia, feelings of insecurity about the baby or themselves, or even feeling guilty without any reason. All these problems can be alleviated by massage, music, and a lot of care. We all know music is one of the most effective mood controllers. A bright music can make you happy and laughing while a sad song can leave you down in the dumps. Along with music, massage is also a great mood elevator. For new mothers, it is the best way to bond with your baby. Massage also helps new mothers to heal and fight depression. So, music for massage is one of the best ways to counter postpartum depression.

A new mother's body undergoes many hormonal fluctuations besides the entire trauma of delivery and even the labor pain. Delivery through cesarean section is also equally traumatic. Nothing, not even those nine months can remotely be compared to the experience of becoming a mother. The motherly instinct does not come overnight. It takes time for the mother to bond with her baby. The initial first months are all about sleepless nights, diaper changes, and feedings. Naturally, a new mother tends to feel depressed and out of form. In such cases, some rejuvenating music for massage can actually help in relaxing both the mother and baby.

Besides countering postpartum and other kind of depression, music for massage can help in relaxing you and alleviating all kinds of stress. It can also help people to relax in all kinds of healing sessions and therapies.

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